System Requirements

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Basic Hardware Requirements

+ Intel® Dual Core™ 1.2 GHz, AMD equivalent, or better, 1 GB RAM
+ Embedded or Dedicated 3D graphic device
+ Mouse, keyboard or touch device

Minimum Recommended System Requirements

+ Intel® Quad Core™ 2 GHz, AMD equivalent, or better
+ 2 GB system memory
+ Windows Experience Index 5.5 or better
+ DirectX® 9.0c or newer
+ Hardware accelerated 3D graphics (256MB+ dedicated memory)
+ Latest Graphic Hardware driver
+ 5GB+ free disk space

OS Requirements

- Microsoft Windows® XP SP3 or later
- Mac OS-X 10.6.8 or later
- Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS or later
- Generic Linux with Wine 1.7 or newer

Software Requirements

ActiveWorlds adjusts its software capabilities to the hardware capabilities whenever possible.
In order to run in Direct3D accelerated mode, Active Worlds requires at least Direct3D 8.0 or later, and alternatively runs in OpenGL and software render modes.
Good performance in Direct3D and OpenGL modes also requires that you have the latest drivers installed for your 3D video-card. See our video-troubleshooting page for help with video drivers.

Internet Connection

You must have an active connection to the Internet in order to access Active Worlds. Additionally, if you are running behind a firewall/proxy, ActiveWorlds must be properly configured to run behind a firewall/proxy.

Hard Disk Space

The initial install of ActiveWorlds will take about 175 MB of space on your hard disk. However, as you travel in Active Worlds, the objects you encounter are cached to disk for faster loading on your next visit. This can require a substantial amount of additional disk space. We recommend that you have at least 5 GB free on your hard disk at all times for best performance.