Stone Watcher Tower

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Stone Watcher Tower
— Skyscraper —


Building of Neophyx City
Location 150n 201e Neophyx, America
Status Completed   Building Completed.png
Builder(s) Nyxboy
General Information
Style/Architecture Art Deco 1930's
Purpose Office Tower
Category Skyscraper
Groundbreaking September, 2011
Completion October 1st, 2011
Base Size 4.41 cells (44.1m2)
Height 178m
Offices, Daliaxy Memorial Museum

The Stone Watcher Tower is a high skyscraper in Neophyx City, America. The tower is a replica of the original building built in 2002 in the city of Daliaxy to commemorate the deleted city.

The first replica in Neophyx has been completed in late 2003 and has been briefly the highest structure of the city at that time. It has been demolished seven years later to be replaced by the Neophyx Trade Tower 1 in 2010. The current structure has been relocated and rebuilt in late 2011.

The commemorating tower quickly became one of the most popular landmarks of the city and can be seen on the official seal of Neophyx where it has been the center of the emblem since its creation in 2003.


Daliaxy 2002

In 2002, the original Stone Watcher Tower has been built in the city of Daliaxy located in the galaxy of Newfoundland and has been the tallest skyscraper of the city until its deletion in 2003.

A first replica briefly existed following the reset of the galaxy. The tower had been rebuilt to commemorate the destructed city at the same location where the original structure first stood.

In late 2003, the Stone Watcher Tower has been rebuilt in the city of Neophyx where it quickly became one of Neophyx's main landmarks. The tower has been the highest skyscraper of Neophyx upon its completion and has later been the second highest building as one of the main icon of the city.


In 2010, the tower has been destroyed to be replaced by the Neophyx Trade Tower 1.

In late 2010, it has been decided that the Stone watcher would be rebuilt eventually at another location in Downtown Neophyx. However, the idea stayed on hold until spring 2011 when the project has been officially included in the NC9 urban development plan.


On October 1st 2011, the third and current replica of the Stone Watcher Tower has been rebuilt at the corner of Alphaway and Nelson Boulevard facing Lewis Park that is the main park of the city. The chosen location of the new tower shows its important signification and historic background that the Stone Watcher has for the city of Neophyx. The area is in fact one of the most renowned location of the city as it is where the city has been founded and where is the intersection of the two main streets of Downtown Neophyx.


The Stone Watcher Tower is easily reachable through public transportation by using the Subway Line A (red) and Line B (Blue). The structure has been rebuilt directly over Nelson Station, the main and first station of the subway network of Neophyx to be built. The building is also easy to reach via movers within the city at the intersection of Alphaway and Nelson Boulevard, and from the GZ of America using the Interstate 1 to Downtown Neophyx.