Southern Highlands

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The Southern Highlands are a large, somewhat diverse but generally nature themed area in Alphaworld. The region is named for its high terrain overlooking the southern Irenic Ocean.

Built by Hyper Anthony beginning from 2005, the area is popular with builders due to its atmosphere and explorers due to its integration with SW City Interactive. The region is affiliated with SW City, but is no longer a territory of the city after a canon retcon in the beginning of 2010, instead becoming an independent region under a trading agreement.

Notable Areas

  • Emerald Strand
    • The original expanse of forest that the area is named after. Reaches out into a peninsula overlooking the ocean.
  • Elkins Beach
    • A beach themed urban area that was constructed beginning in 2009. The concept of Builder's Challenge was first tested here in January, 2010.
  • Highridge Fjord
    • A massive waterway that carves a division between Obsidian Cove and Rising Glen Retreat.
  • Obsidian Cove
    • Seat of government in the Southern Highlands. Features a partially underground city along a small, quick river.
  • Rising Glen Retreat
    • A popular rural neighborhood located at the base of a large mountain.
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