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A galaxy is a product offering a single world in a self-contained universe. Much like a universe, galaxies hold their own citizen information and world attributes; neither the world or its citizens can be shared between other universes or galaxies. They are more suitable organizations or individuals who want their own world but with a customized browser and separate set of accounts. Galaxies are run by a galaxy server (also known as a galaxerver), which stores attributes and citizen data such as telegrams.


As a product of AWI, every legal galaxy is authenticated by the galaxerver against a root server to ensure a valid and paid-for license is used. This authentication is also carried out by the browser to ensure it only connects to a licensed galaxy.


Galaxies are available in six one-off fee configurations, including custom requests. All include 30 day telephone and email support for free, with additional for $1450 per year. Historically, this included newsgroups support, but this has since been discontinued with the groups themselves.

All galaxies require a one-time "database license" for $395. In addition, software upgrades are only free for the first year and then require 40% of the purchase price after.

  • G1000 - 50 Users 1,000,000 SQM land 50 N,S,E,W - $1,995
  • G1200 - 250 Users 1,440,000 SQM land 60 N,S,E,W - $3,995
  • G1500 - 500 Users 2,250,000 SQM land 75 N,S,E,W - $4,995
  • G2000 - 1000 Users 4,000,000 SQM land 100 N,S,E,W - $7,995
  • G3000 - 1000 Users 9,000,000 SQM land 150 N,S,E,W - $9,995
  • Custom - Up to 65,000 users and unlimited land available


A sol is an entry-level galaxy, analogous to the 3D Homepage product for worlds. They differ from galaxies in that there are only two small configurations that are paid yearly with hosting included, but require a one-time fee of $199 for setup and installation. Furthermore, sols receive software updates for free.[citation needed]

  • SS360/10 - 10 Users 360,000 SQM land 30 N,S,E,W - $795
  • SS360/30 - 30 Users 360,000 SQM land 30 N,S,E,W - $995


As a galaxy is effectively a server, running one requires a host. A galaxerver is provided by AWI for hosting on a third party server, however AWI also offer galaxy hosting. For any hosting, a one-time installation fee of $600 is charged.

  • $1,399 per year for uniserver hosting and maintenance
  • $799 per year for database hosting and maintenance
  • $899 per year for hosting and maintenance of worlds

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