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P20 N,W,S,E 15 Users







The Wallflowers
The original three.

What is currently going on

  • Version 16.2.2 Blooming State
  • Building a neighborhood of cookie cutter homes.
  • Full-feature Public Building coming soon. maybe later.

Version Changelog

  • Ver 16.2 Addition of Googl HQ (P10 Area Underground)
  • Ver 16.1 Addition of old A la Mode GZ
  • Ver 16 Wipe; New City
  • Ver 15.2 Compton Removed
  • Ver 15.1 Addition of Irisland and Compton

Public Concept

This is a PG-13 rated world (Sometimes more). The sky is not the limit and you're never gonna guess what is! We just want somewhere to go and build. This world is hosted by your friendly neighborhood Wallflowers. And Remember! It's not fun without lag. Anyone is welcome.

Moxie is an AWTeen version of WildAW. Users are free to build where they please, and restrictions are endless, including but not limited to in-world linked adult content under certain conditions.

The concept of Moxie isn't taken well by most users, as we are seemingly disruptive, rude and disrespectful. Which is true to a point, regardless. Our slogan is pretty much "If your one of us, come chill".

Moxie uses the AWTeen Object path, With permission from AWI

A Little History....

This world originally started under the name 'shli', And was gifted to Shli by Queen RaMel O. We name it shli because.. well, Duh, that's my name!! But as I started doing less and less due to being a procrastinator. The world was first hosted and still is hosted, By AWPortals. it was decided the world name should be changed.

  • We've always been about having a good time and deleting any sort of build that is an eye-sore. So if you don't want your build deleted, make sure it's not ugly.
  • Sometime after the CYAwards, we expired.
  • So we renamed, renewed, and wiped (Then placed a historical copy at awteen ^jump 'shli'.)
  • July 20, 2010. The world expired like 8 months ago, and today has been renewed and is in the process of being revamped
  • Now, in July 20 we're about to expire; again. Uh.. Hm..


  • Shli
  • Demon Dog
  • Koll


  • Brock
  • Legion


Wallflower wall⋅flow⋅er  /ˈwɔlˌflaʊər/


a person who, because of shyness, unpopularity, or lack of a partner, remains at the side at a party or dance.

In our case, we're way too outspoken for most of the AW community.

out⋅spo⋅ken  /ˈaʊtˈspoʊkən/ –adjective 1. uttered or expressed with frankness or without reserve: outspoken criticism. 2. free or unreserved in speech.

World Versions

The world has gone through various projects and versions, notably:

Redlight City Version 13
New Dublin Version 14
Unknown (Named "withoutcurtis" Assumed Version 11
Shli a la mode Version 3
Portland & Irisland Version 15
City of the Unknown. Version 16