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The world of Sedan has a very developed road network composed of several roads and boulevards assisted with freeways, bridges, tunnels and interchanges. The roads and registered motor vehicles in the region of the city of Sedan are maintained and managed by the RTDNL(Roads and Traffic Division of Nuwa Lueza), a state level agency, See RTDNL webpage and in the Capital Area of Panala by the Federal Department of Transportation.

The massive road infrastructure restructuring of 2010.

Throughout the year of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, the entire road network has undergone important restructuring works. All roads have been repaved with new developed pavement materials designed with completely new technics. In addition of being repaved, many roads have been relocated following the rescaling period of Sedan in spring 2010. This has put the world in a difficult situation as it coincided with Sedan's first opening in November 2010. At this time, the road network has been considered to be at its worst and that it has never been so unorganized during its entire existence. Since the opening of December 1st, the RTDNL took measures to reinforce safety with safety barriers where refits were still in progress.

Sedan Freeway System

In Sedan, the term freeway identifies all roads that are a limited access divided highway with grade separated junctions and without traffic lights or stop signs present on the entire territory.

Dual System

The Fedroad 1 towards north in December 2010.

There are two types of freeway that coexist in the world of Sedan connecting most of the city's neighborhoods such as the national freeway system, which only consists of the Fedroad 1 in the region of the city of Sedan, and the Nuwa Luezan state freeway system, currently counting three in the city. The widest freeway is the Fedroad 1 for having partially 5 to 6 lanes in each directions while most freeways in Sedan are composed of three lanes in each directions. Although, on September 23rd 2009, the RTDNL upgraded the City Bypass Freeway (NL20) into an 8 lanes wide freeway(4 in each directions). The city bypass freeway was until this date 6 lanes wide. This was in favor to enhance the "wide freeway" landmark that Sedan tends to have in common with the city of Los Angeles, a look that Nyxboy wanted to incorporate more to Sedan for the road infrastructures.

List of freeways in the city of Sedan

Identification Name Route Length Construction
Fed-1.png Fedroad 1 Fedroad 1 Naya Isl to N-E mountains(fict. all the way to Panala, UI's capital city) ~1,300m(130cells) 2006-
NL-10.png NL-10 Pacific Freeway Serves east suburbs and the Central District - NL20 to Fed1 through west and south neighborhoods ~900m(~90cells) 2006-
NL-20.png NL-20 City Bypass Freeway Serves north suburbs - N-W mountains(fict. from the inner valleys) to Fed1. ~1,100m(~110cells) 2006-
NL-210.png NL-210 Transbay Freeway A parallel of NL110 - Mainly a Tunnel crossing the bay of Sedan.(ANPR-toll) Unknown 2007-

Road Signage

Sedan's exit sign standard
Typical speed limit sign of Sedan with a turtle warning sign

In addition to its developed road network, Sedan has its own customized and relatively complete road signage system inspired from many parts of the world especially from Oceania locations. e.g; the speed limits signs are inspired from those seen in Australia as an hybrid between the north american one and the universal red circle. The exit signs are exclusive to Sedan but have been inspired in some ways from the exit signs design of the Canadian province of Quebec.

The Sedanian road signage is exclusively indicated in the metric system. The speed limits standards being 80 to 90 km/h (50 to 55 mph) on city's urban freeways and generally 60 km/h (40 mph) on important roads with the exception of school zones and small residential streets where the speed limits are generally set at 40 km/h (25 mph).

RTDNL speed limit chart for the state of Nuwa Lueza

Zone Type Freeways Major Roads and Blvd Residential School Zone
Urban 80-90 60 40 40
Rural 100-120
(Don't apply for Sedan)
70-80 40 40

License Plate

Unlike Nyxboy's previous cities, Sedan is the first to have its own designed license plate. All motor vehicle circulating on the Sedan road network must be identified by this plate.


Though, the city is located in a fictive country, the plates issued in The United Islands are based on the North American dimensions and, like many countries in the world, are issued by each state and are added of a barcode on the right side similar to those seen in Mexico. The Sedan Plate is literally used as one of Sedan's trademarks.

Even though, all the plates showed in Sedan have all the same design standard, like the orange header and the dark purple digits, there is still some variations about how the letters and the numbers are placed on the plates. The disposition forms being nnnxxx, xxxnnn, xxxnnnn, nnn-xxx/xxx-nnn including the shape of the island in the middle(since 2009) or most commonly two superposed letters followed by 3 to 5 numbers.

The displayed motto at the bottom of the plate is usually The Metropolitan Island in reference to Nuwa Lueza being the most populated island of the archipelago and for having the nation's metropolis. This motto can be replaced by a title registration e.g. Police visible on SPD's plates.

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