Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

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The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, commonly referred to as the Foreign Secretary, is a member of His Majesty's Government heading the Foreign Office and responsible for relations with foreign countries, matters pertaining to the Palmshire's overseas territories and the promotion of Palmshire interests abroad.

In addition, the Foreign Secretary also oversees the Palmshire Armed Forces (including Palmshire Army, Palmshire Royal Navy, and Palmshire Royal Marines) and therefore has additional responsibility for defense of the Commonwealth of Palmshire and its interests and for strengthening international peace and stability.

The current Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs is His Grace the Duke of Stirling.

The Foreign Secretary is responsible for appointing officials within his/her own department who reports to him/her.

Foreign Office

Office Name Entered office Party affiliation Notes
Foreign Secretary The Duke of Stirling 26 June 2011 Independent A member of the Cabinet
Commander-in-Chief of the Forces Lt. Gen The Duke of Stirling 8 January 2011 Toupée Oversees the Palmshire Army
First Lord of the Admiralty Vacant Vacant Oversees the Palmshire Royal Navy and Palmshire Royal Marines