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Scarabian Republic

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The Scarabian Republic is a fictional nation that resides within the Active Worlds universe. It is an "intragalactic system of city states whom all abide by the order of the republic's Charter, or their own charter, provided it is approved by the Scarabian Board of Administrators. It's role is to strengthen eachother's communities by sharing resources and promoting eachother."


Cities that are interested in joining the republic must be organized under some form of government, preferrably a charter which clearly defines how things are ran. They may follow their own charter, or adapt to the existing Scarabian Charter.

In order to join, a leader from the community will have to publish an application on the Republic board within the Scarabian Republic Forums. This application should include the city name, location, a list VIPs of the community and their role, a description of the city, and a copy of the charter under which it runs, as well as any other information they consider important and worth mentioning.

Cities that join the Scarabian Republic are typically integrated into the Scarabian community. Members from each other cities have been known to participate in events and building projects together, in an effort to build each other's community up.

Cities that join the republic may have their own community forum within the Scarabian Republic Forum, if they so desire.


Active Cities

There are currently two active cities in the Scarabian Republic:

Inactive Cities

  • Moonlight Heights :: Joined December 2007, left in February 2009 due to abandonment.
  • New Arklay City :: Left republic in January, 2007, due to most staff members moving on. Is still relatively active and accepting new builders, though.
  • Hydrogen City :: Joined and left in 2006 due to abandonment.
  • Yeti City

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