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This is an archived copy of an SW City newsletter. Mentioned events are not running and links may be broken.
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June, July


Ever noticed how things slow down during the summer instead of speed up? We spent most of May and June quietly building, as you'll see below. Not many exciting things have been happening. But we do have an interesting surprise for those of you that like talk radio. Read about that as well. This newsletter is probably going to be pretty short, but don't take it personally. We're just busy. Come to town, hang around, and talk with us. We're always just a telegram away. We'll leave the light on for ya. Yeah, it's that big yellow one up in the sky that just miraculously appeared within the last few days.

Cheers, SW Chris, Editor-in-Chief


Over the past few days, builders have been busy continually expanding the ever-growing Orton Strip Mall area. This time, all the building is being done east of the last expansion which included the book store, hat store, travel agency and the Eep Shop.

Some of the new stores that have been opened include Vintage Loggers Restaurant, Hours o' Flowers, Tattoo Tip, Philippe's Photo Studio, WTF! Hair Palace, Speakers n' Stuff, Myer's Fires, Optima Financial, FRI's Electronics, Mr. Frink's Fine Wooden Furniture, Shanubia's Shiznit Shampoos, CatCorp MuteGuns and the Birde Bin.

Also located in this sector is numerous new Hovercraft dealerships which brings this location to be the #1 spot to shop for your next craft. Some of the companies located here are King Industrial Hovercrafts, Gryphon Hoverworks, Vortech Motors and CatCorp Motor Industries.

A new alleyway has also been created which is home to a number of new nougats. There is also high-income housing located in this alley for some reason. The new residents include Grace H. Mace, Mr. Frink and Vornox. ^,^

One of the biggest openings in this area of Orton Strip Mall is the new movie theater which will premiere huge box-office movies like The Hulk, The Matrix Reloaded and the new hit, The n00b and I. Reposted from http://www.swcity.net/


Guess what? They changed their minds. And I quote: "The decision has been made, and it's not going to change, and so the SW City staff is working at finding and financing a suitable web host to house the city's images."

Active Worlds, Inc. has decided that due to popular demand (with no small contribution from the SW lobby), they would make optional in the worldserver features to turn off third party hosted images from popular web hosting services such as Tripod and Geocities. As a result, Alphaworld no longer blocks images from these sites. Hooray for AWI!


I got some good news. Our beloved Alphaworld finaly has the long awaited...3d axis rotation feature! *everyone gasps*

I just found out when I (SW Comit) got home from Florida today. And if that's not enough, look up in the sky. Alphaworld actually has a SUN now O_O

Still want more? How about tourists? Nah, sorry, not gonna get that =P But tourists can come to Alphaworld for a limited time, for the AW festival.

Now, get to work building people, before they change their minds >_<

Reposted from http://www.swcity.net/


Sorry folks, it's SW Chris, you're official SW Substitute. Now, I know you were just waiting for Syn's next article, but it looks like he's a bit busy preparing for college. Yup. Our resident mayor is a college man now. So in honor of Syn's great achievement, we're bringing you this wonderful SW build that might actually teach you a thing or two about building. I give you the SW City Builder's Academy.



You may have noticed that last month I mentioned in this space that we had something involving talk radio. Well, I was a month off. THIS month you will get to download the first episode of the new SW City Radio show. This month also marks the signing of a contract with SW Air and Goobertran Airlines, who will be servicing SW City's brand new airport that will open soon in the northwest part of the mainland, and the announcement of a full length comedy that to be quite honest will be pure horror beyond imagination (two points to who gets that reference). And although it's not featured in this newsletter, there have been a few expansions to Orton Strip Mall as well. Yes, like the energizer bunny, we just keep going and going and going on that place.

Cheers, SW Chris, Editor-in-Chief


On July 17, the Active Worlds mapper returned to regular updates of Alphaworld. Viewers will be able to see the massive changes to SW City over the last year from a bird's eye view. And there are a lot! If you don't know where SW City is, you can download a nicely labelled map of the area from the Map link below.


From the air capital of the world and the forests of the east coast and west coast of the United States, and coming to you via Internet telephony, join some of SW City's more well known folks in a radio show about life, technology, and of course Activeworlds.

SW City Radio is a monthly show that will run approximately an hour long. The show, hosted by SW Chris will feature three co-hosts on a rotating schedule and will cover the news of the day and various AW topics in a lively and somewhat... quirky fashion.

Join SW Chris, SW Comit, Captain MAD Mike, and Goober King for the first episode. Originally recorded in late June, hear them talk about their opinions on AW 3.4 and AWRPG World's new planting system. Download from this webpageWM.


SW City International is getting ready to open its doors. This bustling hub of air activity is home to several carriers, Alpha Air, Mango Frontier, Nimbus Express, Quantinental, and SWAIR. In front of the entrance to the terminal is also a swank four-star hotel for weary travellers. Inside the main terminal one will find all sorts of passengers, who are various denizens from cities around the area, a comfortable area to eat and shop, and the shuttle to the secondary terminal.

Right now the finishing details are being finalized, so we can't give out the coordinates right now. But watch this space for them in future issues.


AW Video has been released by its maker, Pineriver. The new video is better than ever, and SW City has the honor in being in a couple of its scenes. You can pick it up hereWM. Reposted from http://www.swcity.net


Medium Impact will be a full length motion picture and will debut on one of AW's TV stations. It will star SW Chris, Syntax, SW Comit, and Captain MAD Mike. Go to SWCity.Net to see the teaser poster!


This (3) month's pick is kinda odd. First of all, the build was caught in the Irenic Ocean construction and really shouldn't be in SW'ian territory. I guess it can't be an SW Pick but oh well, I make the rules. ;P

I really don't know why I like this build but it's just cool. If you have the time, stop by and check out this build and maybe the other stuff around it. The area is from 2000 and is built by what seems to be amateur builders, yet it is an intersting place to visit.

September, October


There's lot's of fun builds this month to talk about. The first is a new development that Ferruccio has been working on called Castle Pines. The second is a huge project up in the northeastern part of SW City Territory, smack dab between Summerland Estates and the SW City mainland. This thing is pioneered by SW Comit and a bunch of other folks and makes use of the new rotation feature that's become available in Alphaworld this summer. It will take you at least a day to explore and they're still adding on to it. Read more about it below.

Cheers, SW Chris, Editor-in-Chief


Compliments of Nimbusian and Friends Terra-forming Service, SW City has some new islands to add to the roster. The dominating area would be Velothi Island, with its two bays Rotheran and Masobi Bay. The island is cut into 4 segments. North and south is divided by Highway 10, and east and west are divided by a narrow land mass with the two bays on each side. The east half belongs to Stone Ridge, built by Rae. Already built is Guan beach, built for the vacationers. Right to the west of it is Rotheran Bay Community, a long strip of mid sized houses. To the north across the highway is Velothi Forest, and to the far north is Mondary Village. Last but not least on Velothi, so far, is SW City's first school: Masobi Bay Elementary School.

To the north east of Velothi and also the most North and Eastern settlements in town is Tritip Peninsula, owned by Saddle Creek. It's manager, Onilink, is standing on the fence with a couple ideas on what to do with it. One being turning it into a mysterious forest village area, being so far from the rest of town.

Just off of Tritip is West Mills, a small get-away island owned by Nutinmuch.

To the south-east of Velothi is Ruby Lake where a mineral mine will be built, and the to-be-formed Vennis Island just west of it. Sumbitted by SW Comit.

See a visual representation of the newly discovered land by clicking here!WM


On August 22nd, Ferruccio decided to start his very own Suburb in SW City. The new suburb is located the city's second biggest island, Sybit, on the northern half. The starting plans for the new surburb will be an "upper class golf course residential neighborhood".

More uniquely is that suburb will raised on a hill, with small mounds and valleys, a steep grassy shoreline, and angeled lots, with a neighborhood gate.

A guess a name would be useful? It's called Castle Pines. Submitted by SWCity.Net News.


CaBLeCAr GaL from the world Tours recently visited with SW City governors about putting together a tour route geared towards newcomers to Active Worlds. We can choose from four to five locations. If you have a favorite place that you want included in the tour, then join our discussion on the tour route on the SW City forumWM.


SW Comit has updated his version of the ultimate teleport list, which contains teleports to many locations throughout the Scarabian Isles. Download it here!


Hello, it's SW Chris here with your Pick of the Month. Syntax couldn't make it. The poor soul is cooped away in architecture studio for his first semester of college. So I'm here to substitute.

This month's pick is pure history. SW City's very first GZ and surrounding area is what I'm talking about. Explore the classic era of building architecture as you wonder around this marvelous wonderland of boonishness!

Click on the mailboxes at GZ and see if any of the old SW's still use the e-mail accounts they used when they used AW. Belly up to the bar in the SW Bar/Pub, the first build in SW City. Or if you're in an exploratory mood, you can fly off a few meters to the south, where there is a sky lane with directions to other interesting builds.

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