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Screenshot of the Customs Aide bot in AWGate

The Active Worlds Software Development Kit (SDK), first released on September 8th, 1998, is a Client-API (Application Interface for programming client applications) targeted at the programmer community within Activeworlds.

It provides an easy way for programmers to develop applications that function within the Active Worlds virtual environment. The most common type of application for the SDK is a bot (typically an avatar that inhabits a virtual world and interacts with users, but which is driven by a computer program instead of a human being), however there are many other potential applications. For example, the SDK could be used to develop an automated program that explores a world and creates a map. Also, the SDK allows universe administrators to develop administration utilities to help manage their own Active Worlds universes.

The core component of the SDK is the file aw.dll, a Windows DLL that implements the entire Active Worlds client/server protocol. To develop an application using the Active Worlds SDK, a programmer simply writes a C program which includes the header file aw.h and links to the import library aw.lib. The compiled executable can be run from any PC anywhere as long as that PC has a network connection to the Active Worlds Universe and aw.dll is available on that PC.

There are both C/C++ and Visual Basic/COM versions of the SDK available. The C/C++ SDK is also available for Linux. There is also a third-party wrapper of the C/C++ SDK for .NET.

First time users of the SDK should start out by downloading the SDK, reading over these help files, and reviewing the sample programs.(1)(2)





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