Rising Glen Retreat

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Rising Glen Retreat
Public building area

Southern Highlands, SW City




Rising Glen Retreat is a large residential neighborhood developed by Hyper Anthony during the fall of 2007. The area is nestled along the southern shores of the Irenic Ocean and continues into tall mountains further south. It was opened during a party on October 7, 2007, during which many new builders and existing residents claimed lots in the area.

The area is also popular due to its high level of SW City Interactive content, as Anthony uses it as a testing zone for new game content and landscape development ideas.


Rising Glen Retreat is located in the Southern Highlands of SW City. This area is has steep oceanside cliffs and is typically 40m above sea level. Forests cover the land, and small valleys and hills claim the topography. The development of Alphaworld's object path can be seen through exploring the area, as newer sections of the neighborhood utilize newer trees and hedges that were added in early 2009.

The area as a whole can be considered generally as a plateau, flanked on its east and west bounds by a ridge and a fjord. Because of the scenic landscapes and views afforded by the area, many new residents to SW City enjoy building here. Unique flora can also be found in the area, such as bushes with berries that can be harvested for dye.


Currently around 30 residents live in Rising Glen Retreat. This includes builders such as Ferruccio—who owns multiple lots in the area—and Lensman, who built a Teleport Maze station in the neighborhood.

Becoming a Resident

An example of the extensive landscaping that completed homes recieve. Even the most inexperienced builder can have their project feel at home due to this cooperative building style.
Prospective residents may find information about the area in-world at the SW City Real Estate Office in Town Square Park, or in the Rising Glen Real Estate Office, which is in the neighborhood's entry area.

Building lots in the neighborhood are usually marked and divided up by difficulty level. Green lots are available to all builders and are generally easy to work with. Yellow lots are harder to work with and generally have difficult terrain or a difficult land feature very nearby the lot. 'Red lots are usually invite-only, or otherwise are reserved for the most talented of builders. They exist on quality and challenging lots.

Builders who wish to build in the area may contact SW Chris or Hyper Anthony to get a lot. Builders may pick from available lots, or if none are readily available, may request for a new lot to be made for them.

ResiNET Terminals

ResiNET is a system unique to Rising Glen Retreat and works through SW City Interactive. Users may interface with this terminal in-world to find out information about the area, and once they are a resident they may return to find new downloadables and building tips!

Benefits of Residence

Builders who complete a home in Rising Glen Retreat earn a landowner badge in the SW City Interactive system, if they have registered an account. Once the badge is acquired, characters in the area address you differently and you have access to new content—particularly on the ResiNET terminals and quests in the area.

Other benefits include being part of a community of builders and being able to receive ready input from your neighbors. Homes that are completed in the area are also landscaped to help them blend in, and that makes your build feel as part of the cohesive whole in the area, as opposed to building out in a field with no context for your project.

Awards and Honors


Rising Glen Retreat was recognized for creative building in June, 2009, and earned Mariane's Community Award.

Notable Builds/Builders

Infamous users of Active Worlds have built in Rising Glen Retreat, creating interesting and unique points of interest in the area.

  • Baro: Woodland Co. Quarry

Baro acquired a lot in the area following the October 7 opening party and instead of a home built a small quarry with a backstory of slowly being driven off the property due to rising property values for residence in the area.

  • Ferruccio

Ferruccio owns multiple properties in the area—two of which are completed. In the nearby area of Obsidian Cove exists his Crane House, and in the neighborhood proper exists his Mobius Strip House. Built in early 2009, the Mobius Strip House is currently the only property that is developed on the southern mountain.

  • Lensman: Teleport Maze Station #495

Lensman built one of the final stations of his Teleport maze deep below his home in Rising Glen Retreat. It is situated in the foothills near the southern mountain.

  • Syntax: Log Cabin

Syntax acquired a lot in the area following the October 7 opening party and built a large, open log cabin. The cabin is powered by a wind turbine in the backyard.

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