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The Sedan Portal
Panorama from Mount Sedan September 2009
World Flag of Sedan

Sedan is themed as a populated city from a developed nation located on a tropical archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. The city of Sedan itself is the main community of the world of the same name and occupies about 90% of its exploitable area and approximately 10% of its total actual terrain.

Co-founded with Mariobros, it is Nyxboy's fourth and most recent city in its building history and is managed under the virtual urbanist firm of JVP Development's name, founded in Sedan itself.


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Metroway Logo 1.png

Metroway is a public transit agency operating for the city of Sedan.

The agency currently operates a bus network, active since March 1st 2009, and will also run a subway network and ferries that are planned for a near future. A prototype subway line as been built in the southwest area of the city where the future subway program using movers are being tested.

Fedroad 1 shield
The Fedroad 1

The Fedroad 1, or Fed 1, or simply the 1, is a national freeway in the world of Sedan.

Its construction started in 2006, Sedan first year since its foundation, and is the only national freeway passing through the city of Sedan from north to south in its eastern area. The Fedroad 1 is also renowned for being the world largest freeway, being partially up to 6 lanes wide in each directions.

Park District Development in front of Mount Sedan Sept 2009

Middle class development in Park District near the Mount
Sedan. This model of house has been the first of its kind to
be created and introduced by Nyxboy in Sedan and are
composing a majority of the district in a few different versions of colors.


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