Pippinville City

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Pippinville City


Founded November 6th 1999

       Lady Pippin 

Exploring Pippinville is an excellent tour (if you don't fly over) and can take up to 2 weeks to see all go to

aw 1952.0S 2568.0E 0.0a 269 - Pippinville City Ground Zero

Ground Zero of Pippinville contains a big teleport station with screenshots of most of the spots (a contining work) The City used to hold 58 builders but has been deserted by the builders during the years (1999 - 2003)3 is left, and those are updating and make new things to look at.

This is just one of the many sightseeings - At Pippin Graphic © Production web site 2 which is dedicated to Activeworlds, you will be able to see more. At the writing moment (June 7th 2008) there are lots of updating going on.

You will find download that might be of interest for your world or other uses.

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