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Legion, 1st Duke of Rockford


10 December 1999





Peaceville is the second oldest existing settlement in the Kingdom of Palmshire.

Background Overview

Peaceville was the county seat of Peaceville County. The city was built originally to be part of a twin city project with Griffin 2101, but the project fell apart as the latter scrapped his town in favor of a new area. Peaceville is located on the Median Way, and is surrounded by many other small projects, including Las Vegas, a small town built far to the west by Griffin 2101 (now Legolas) as a successor to his own failed project near Peaceville.

Peaceville held an election at one time for mayor, preceding other communities in using a voting system. The system did not last long, however, as the Duke of Rockford moved on to new projects and the other members of the communities eventually disappeared. The town is home to one of vornox's pre-SW City builds.