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Palmshire House of Lords is the upper house of the Parliament of Palmshire. It consists of the appointed peers created by Sovereign of Palmshire on advice of Prime Minister. At present, there are nineteen peers appointed to the House of Lords. The members are appointed for life and are not subject to election. Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers must come from either House of Commons or Lords.

Peerages created by the monarch is inheritable. The only stipulation is that the heirs must be an active citizen of Active Worlds or Virtual Paradise and has a property within Palmshire territories. If the current holder of a peerage wishes to name a heir, they must submit name of their heir to the monarch's office to be entered into the records.

The House of Lords meets only between March to December annually and is not mandated to meet regularly (e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly) during these periods. At least three members of the House present is required for the House of Lords to proceed to business. Notice that this quorum will not be raised even if new peers are added to the House in future.

Simple majority is required for any bills to be passed in the House of Lords as the Acts of Parliament. Once bills is passed, it is usually given Royal Assent by the monarch before it can take effect. Royal Assent being withheld by monarch is equivalent to veto but this has not been exercised since 2011.

Current members of the House of Lords

Members Position(s) Party Affiliation Note(s)
Legion Rockford, 1st Duke of Rockford Tory
GC, 1st Duke of Cypress Hollow Whig (or Wig)
Legolas, 1st Duke of Westover Tory
Bach Zhaa, 1st Viscount Metaville Communist
Sidris, 1st Duchess of Lexington Unaffiliated
Buddy., 1st Baron Peaceville Tory
Demon Dog Tenenbaum, 1st Marquess of Arcadia Communist
Matthew, 1st Viscount Fairfax Labour
Bluelaser Yocum, 1st Marquess of Highworth Unaffiliated
Karate Master, 1st Earl of Gravesend Unaffiliated
Kitty Kat Kelsey, 2nd Countess of Dublin Moose Party
Arnold NYC, 1st Earl of Huntington Tory
Hyper Anthony, 1st Marquess of Arklay Birde Party
Nibbles Yocum, 1st Duchess of Rochester Tory
Eric John, 1st Baron Washington Whig
wutend auge, 1st Duke of Cambria Whig
Brock Tokeington, 1st Baron Tokeington Moose Party
AlexTheMartian, 1st Baron Alexandria Socialist Party
Koll Tenenbaum, 2nd Baron of Nottingham Tory

Party breakdown by seats

of seats
Party name Leader
6 Tory Party Duchess of Rochester
3 Whig Party Duke of Cypress Hollow
2 Communist Party Marquess of Arcadia
1 Labour Party Viscount Fairfax
1 Birde Party Marquess of Arklay
2 Moose Party Lord Tokeington
1 Socialist Party Chris D
3 Unaffiliated N/A

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