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Palmshire Army is the land warfare branch of His Majesty's Armed Forces in the Commonwealth of Palmshire. It currently has only one division, 1st Division commanded by Lt. Gen the Duke of Westover, which consists of two regiments. It is administered by the Foreign Office and overseen by the Foreign Secretary. The professional head of the Palmshire Army is the Commander-in-Chief of the Forces, currently Lieutenant General the Duke of Westover.

Regiments in Palmshire Army

Regiment Name Regiment Type Based in Date of formation Division Captain-General Commanding Officer Second-in-command
Stirling Regiment of Artillery Artillery City of Stirling November 5th, 2010 (issued charter on November 7th, 2010) 1st Division Lt. Gen. The Duke of Westover Lt. Gen. The Duke of Westover N/A
1st Regiment of Foot Infantry City of Cypress Hollow December 14th, 2010 1st Division Lt. Gen. Lord Arcadia Lt. Gen. Lord Arcadia Col. Lord Nottingham