Pacific District (Municipal District of Sedan)

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Pacific District
Pacific District Duplex Dec2010.jpg
Municipal District of Sedan
Class - Residential
- Commercial
Incorporated July 15th 2007
Postal Coords 37S55W to 13S29W
Phone Area Code(s)
Road Access NL-10.png NL-10

Currently the second most densely built district of the city after the Central District, Pacific District is mostly composed of duplex and triplex caracterized by their unique colorful southern design. The area has been one of the first to be developed in Sedan in 2007 and as of December 2010, is considered to be the most complete one. The District owe its name to the Pacific Blvd where coffee shops and stores are parts of the districts lifestyle.

Major road access


Other Important Roads

  • Pacific Blvd

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