Old Governor's House

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Old Governor's House, formerly known as Governor's House, was the former official residence for the Prime Minister of Palmshire located in city of Rockford. Originally built on 29 August 2009, it was subsequently expanded and renovated as time went. On 19 October 2009, an expansion called South Wing was built, with the original structure being called the Executive Residence. It was guarded by Palmshire Executive Protective Service (PEPS), which is officially charged with security of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. The house was later superseded by new residence built for official use by Prime Minister in city of Cypress Hollow.

Executive Residence is the main and original structure of the Governor's House. It served as the living quarter for the Prime Minister and contains the following rooms: living room, kitchen, dining room, hallways, Governor's private study, master bedroom, and a master bathroom.

South Wing was an expansion on south end of the Executive Residence and housed the Prime Minister's and Deputy Prime Minister's offices as well the Situation Room. Governor's House Situation Room, also located in South Wing, served as conference room and intelligence management center for Prime Minister's use, which is similar to White House Situation Room.

A swimming pool was later added on western side of the Executive Residence. Further west behind the pool is a outbuilding with three spaces, one serving as Palmshire Executive Protective Service (PEPS) command post, one serving as housekeeping staff space, and another serving as a storage space. Also on west side of the pool was a greenhouse built with palm trees inside them which was later demolished as part of preparation for a new building construction which never took place.

On northern side of the Governor's House is the Ruth and Walt Brawand Garden.