Nibbles Act

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Parliament of the Kingdom of Palmshire
Long title An Act to make illegal calling Nibbles "Nipples" or "Nips" on pain of death penalty.
Regnal number 1 Leg 1
Introduced by The Duchess of Rochester
Royal Assent 22 April 2011
Status: Active

The Nibbles Act was an Act of Parliament (1 Leg. 1) that introduced penalty for using either nicknames "Nipples" or "Nips" for the Duchess of Rochester who was the Prime Minister at the time of passage of this Act. The Act stipulated that the punishment for such violators to be hanging, drawing, and quartering with beheading. Furthermore, trial for such offenses is to be held before the special court presided over by the Lord President of the Council.

This legislation was controversial and criticized for impairing freedom of speech which were guaranteed in Palmshire by the uncodified constitution and which the monarch at the time, Legion I, had promised to maintain such guarantee. However, the monarch apparently broke that promise by voting in the Parliament for this Act.

Lord Dublin had vehemently opposed this legislation, as did the Duke of Cypress Hollow, this Act and had technically violated it repeatedly, even though his parliamentary privilege as the Member of Parliament had protected him from being arrested and convicted for the violations.

The Act passed with 5-2 votes in the Parliament on 21 April 2011 and was given the Royal Assent the next day by the King Legion I.

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