New Rockford Colony

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New Rockford Colony is a Palmshire colony in Winter. It was founded on 3 October 2009 and the colony's capital is New Rockford. It currently consists of a single town and few smaller settlements scattered across the Winter's Wintertide Cascades region. The colony was established as part of ongoing colonization effort by Palmshire and faces a strong competition for colonial claims from its rival, Scarabians who have been reported to have established colony of New Scarabia somewhere nearby.


The New Rockford Colony was established in an effort to seek out raw materials and natural resources such as oil, fishes, lumber, and so on.


The monarch of Palmshire, Legion I, is effectively the Governor of New Rockford Colony at this time. s e v e n s was appointed by the King as Lieutenant Governor of the New Rockford Colony on 7 October 2009.

Effective on 1 September 2010, the whole government and administration of New Rockford Colony was transferred to a joint stock trading company called East Winter Company.

Local government

The colony is administratively subdivided into two counties. Cascades County was established on 3 October 2009 as the sole county of the colony until next day. A second county, New Rockford County, was formed out of areas immediately surrounding Town of New Rockford on 4 October.