Neophyx Freeway

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Interstate 201.jpg
Neophyx Freeway
America Interstate 201 - Neophyx Fwy Aug 2010.
Part of the
America's Freeway System
Built/maintained By: AMDOT
Other name(s): Neophyx city bypass freeway
Interstate 201
Formed: Under Construction
Lenght: unknown
West end: Interstate 2.jpgTransamerica
Junctions: Interstate 1.jpgLiberty-Fwy
East end: Downtown Neophyx
Interstate 201 Map.jpg
This article is about the freeway network in the world of America

The Neophyx Freeway, or Interstate 201, is an 8 lanes wide freeway in Neophyx City in the World America. The 201 follows the city's west boundaries to then curves towards east and joins Neophyx's downtown via the Trans-Michigan-Tunnel and Amersfort Island. Its constant 4 lanes wide for each directions on 2 thirds of its total lenght makes it the widest freeway in America and is expected to become the most important freeway serving within the city of Neophyx upon completion. As of March 2012, the easternmost third of the Neophyx Freeway was still under construction. This mega project is part of the NC9 urbanism plan.

Toll booth at the Trans-Michigan Tunnel entrance september 2009
Artificial island for a Trans-Michigan-Tunnel exit


First planned trajectory of the N.C. Expressway 101 until 2009.

Expressway 101 Project(2007-2010)

On October 10th 2007, pannels of pavement were placed under the terrain to trace exactly where a possible new wide freeway would pass. Those pannels remained forgotten for a year until Nyxboy decided to groundbreak the project on October 24th 2008. The route was then identified has Expressway 101.

On May 16th 2009, the installation of a new tunnel linking the Liberty Bridge to the 101 permitted a portion of the freeway to become operational for traffic coming from the Liberty bridge towards the Transamerica via the 101.

On May 14th 2010, two thirds of the eastbound side of the freeway opened from the Transamerica Freeway (Interstate 2) to the west shore of Neophyx peninsula. This opening also marked the opening of a section of the new Trans-Michigan-Tunnel. Since then, it is possible to reach downtown via the new West Shore boulevard that has been built in that same period.

Project's modification and the 2010 renumbering.

On June 11th of 2010, the NC9 freeway renumbering caused the 101 project to be transferred to become the Interstate 201 project, causing the Expressway 101 to become an auxiliary Interstate.

The new 201 project has some differences with its first 101 project especially regarding its then unbuilt part trajectory. The portion of the 201 that has already been built during the 101 period has remained unchanged. The northern parts of the trajectory of the 201 however, has been revised and has been built to link and pass throughout the Amersfort island and then to curve back south and pass trough the Amersfort Tunnel linking the Island to eastern Fairpoint at the tip of the Neophyx Peninsula. The plans have been revised to make the freeway to become the main road infrastructure to encircle most of the city.

The latest official plans planned the freeway to end in the Eastview and Fairpoint area. Farther extensions to make the freeway pass on the city's east neighborhoods towards south to reach back the Transamerica freeway have been considered since the creation of the 201 project but were not included in the NC9 tasks list. The suggested southeast section of the freeway would have followed the trajectory that the Expressway 7 was suggested to have in the case it would have been built.

As of April 2011, the Amersfort tunnel portion of the freeway linking the Amersfort Island to Downtown Neophyx(Fairpoint/Eastview area) was still closed to traffic.

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