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Line-B Train on the Liberty Bridge.

The Neophyx City Subway, locally known as "the Sub", is a transit system serving the City of Neophyx and operated by the Neophyx Transportation Authority. With a network now counting 3 lines and a total of 15 stations, the NC Subway has been the main and most used type of transportation in the city since its creation in 2003.



Neophyx Subway Network Map

Neophyx has a complete 3 lines subway network using the old principle of teleportation that was designed in Daliaxy in 2002.

The line A (red), the longest and the first one to be built. It goes all the way north to south across the city by following Alphaway. The line B (blue), Goes all across the city west to east. When first planned, it was originally supposed to be extended 1 station to the north on its east end but was instead extended to the west suburb, which didn't exist when the network was first mapped. The line B became then the first and only line to have a station outside the Neophyx peninsula. The line C (green) Forming a big L, it goes from the western part of Neophyx's downtown to the Airport in the southeast.

The Neophyx Transportation Agency (NTA) is in charge of the network. There is no existing bus service in Neophyx. Since 2007, John Mayor has shown his interest to modernize the subway judging the "type 1 system", developed in Daliaxy in 2002, to be obsolet. In 2005 and 2006, the NC6 Plan has done some refits on a few stations to improve their realism but the subway system itself remained unchanged.

Since 2007, movers has been considered to be a future replacement possibility to include in the next urbanism plan of Neophyx. However, in 2009, after a few short studies the idea has been abandonned because of the complexity and failure to obtain the required authority for mover developing in America.

In 2010, a project has been added to the NC9 to develope a substitute type 2 system without the use of movers and the replacement of the equipment like trains and buses more specifically.

As on June 17th, new trains and buses have been imported to America and are being implemented progressively in the city, many subway stations are undergoing major renovations, and a type 2 prototype is currently on development and tested on the subway network.

Network and Service

Line A (red)


Name Status Connections Coords Opening date Places of Interest
Patterson In service 2003 Neophyx General Hospital
Arlington In service 2003 The Coliseum
Stadium In service 2003 The Central Library
7th Street In service NCSub-Line-C.png 2003
Williams In service 2003
Liberty In service NCSub-Line-B.png 2003 Lewis Square
Stone Watcher Tower
3rd Street In service 2003
Ellioth Square In service NCSub-Line-D.png (Planned) 2003 Ellioth Square
America Tower
Fairpoint In service 2003 Fairpoint Park
Fairpoint Tower

Line B (blue)


Name Status Connections Coords Opening date Places of Interest
Lincoln Hill In service Jan 2006
Westview Closed 2004 Central Train Station of America
Lewis Park In service NCSub-Line-C.png 2004 Lewis SQ/Park
Liberty In service NCSub-Line-A.png 2003 Lewis Square
Stone Watcher Tower
Eastview Closed 2003 - 2010
Newpark Planned NCSub-Line-D.png - Eastview Marina

Line C (green)


Name Status Connections Coords Opening date Places of Interest
Emedian/Airport In service 2003 ✈ NPX International Airport
7th St In service NCSub-Line-A.png 2003 Central Librairy
Ciena In service 2003
6th St In service 2003
Lewis Park In service NCSub-Line-B.png 2004 Lewis SQ/Park
Chinatown In service 2004
Amerstfort Planned -
Amersfort/Airport Planned NCSub-Line-D.png -

Line D (orange)


Under construction

Name Status Connections Coords Opening date Places of Interest
East Amersfort Planned -
Amersfort Planned NCSub-Line-C.png -
Michigan Islands Planned -
Ellioth Sq Planned NCSub-Line-A.png -
Newpark Planned NCSub-Line-B.png -


Lewis Park Station on June 16th 2010
Subway train interior in July 2010.

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