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Neophyx City's urbanism plan is the urbanism plan designed and held by Nyxboy's virtual development company BC(BCA for Building Cie of America first founded in America in 2001 and renamed BC during in charge of Daliaxy's devlopment in the galaxy of Newfoundland) where current headquarters are located in an office tower of Neophyx in the Lennox District. Neophyx City has an urbanism city plan structure similar to New York City.

Neophyx's building site phase (2003-2004)

In October 2003, when the the peninsula was freshly conceded to Nyxboy it was already destinated to a dense devlopment project. The original idea was simple; to build an American styled metropolitan City in the world of America.


Back in 2003 it was already clear that Neophyx would have a subway network but, being built on surface lying on water, and because back then zones didn't exist, it was impossible to build under the water level. For that very specific reason the main part of the city has has been built higher than the peninsula surface level.

The NC6 Project

The NC6 Project or NC6 Plan was Neophyx's most important urbanism plan up to date that took place in late 2005. Most of its goals were essentially about the creation of a freeway network and the restructuration of its road network. The project's name is an abreviation for Neophyx City 2006 as it was first planned that most of the urbanism plan's activity would take place in the upcoming year of 2006. Most of the plan's projects were executed during the late 2005 and 2006 and is considered to be the peak of the project but a few of them were completed in 2007, and a fewer of them have never completely been achieved.

The NC6 era resulted in a freeway boom, gave birth to the Lincoln hill neighborhood and the Transamerica Freeway project, upgrated several roads and boulevards into freeways like Victoria Blvd and the hamilton tunnel and many neighborhoods were reconfigured to allow space for new road structures. The Transamerica Freeway project wasn't a part of the NC6 project but was relatively connected to it and took place in the same period.

NC6's Plan

1- Improvement of the actual road signage and pavement to make it more realistic.

As of April 2009, 90% of the pavement textures have been replaced, sidewalk have been added or simply made wider, road signs have been added and old traffic lights were 90% replaced by new objects assembled ones composed of operational lights of red and green interchanging together. A fewer of them has been re-upgrated with a principle from Alphaworld that includes a yellow light.

2- Creation of a complete freeway network accross the city to simplify the use of movers vehicle in Neophyx.

Hamilton Freeway/Interstate 290 See main article

The hamilton bridge was upgrated into a 2 levels bridge of 4 lanes each and been added of a pedestrian access path. The hamilton tunnel crossing under downtown from east to west, then a single 2 way road, has has been upgraded into a double-tunnel of 2 lanes for each directions and the freeway has been extended to the east along the shore to meet with Nelson Blvd with future extension possibilities in this area. The access between the tunnel and the bridge has been completely reconfigured and an interchange has been built to upgrade the access to and from downtown and to later the upcoming expressway 1. Once the Lincoln Hill neighborhood completed on the west access of the bridge, the new hamilton freeway has been extended all the way to where today stand the America Mall and reach the rest of the world's road network to facilitate the access to Neophyx from America's GZ and its surounding area. Once completed the Hamilton Freeway has been renumbered as the Interstate 290.

Victoria Freeway and Transamerica Project See main article

The Victoria bridge, already then configured as a freeway kind exclusively on the bridge, inspired for a second east-west freeway in southern Neophyx that would run parralel to the Hamilton freeway. But as the Victoria Boulevard is the main artera from Victoria Bridge to almost the east shore of the peninsula in this area and that important landmarks such as the coliseum were located on its sides, the idea stayed on the stand by mode for a few months. The freeway was first created and extended on the west end of the bridge instead with the new idea of a Transamerican Freeway route linking the city of Neophyx by the Victoria Bridge to the West Coast of America at its most remote built area of Christmasland. When it has been finally decided that the famous Victoria freeway would be built above the Victoria Boulevard to save the current state of the neighborhood, the Transamerica Project faced modifications so it would also go all the way to the east coast. The Erie bridge has been built to create the new link to the city from the east and is now the longest onwater bridge in the world of America. The portion of the Transamerica in parallel with the 290 was numbered as Interstate 190, the rest of the Transamerica being identified as Interstate 90.

City level expressway network

Once the I-190 and the I-290 completed, only the portion of Alphaway that was already a freeway, and in fact the first created in Neophyx, was considered to be the only freeway link between them but since it couldn't reach them completely without having to move some important structures in conserned area, a second north-south freeway link was necessary to help create a continuous freeway network around the city. Since the most strategic trajectory was on the west shore, an expressway has been built mainly above the Westview Road between the Victoria Bridge and the Hamilton Bridge. A lack of space forced the structure to be built partially on 2 levels in the port area to minimize the impact on buildings. It has been decided that these 2 freeways would become part of a new city level freeway system and the new link would be indentified as Expressway 1 as the freeway part of Alphaway would be reindentified as Expressway 5.

3- Construction of a suburbian area to expend the city to the west and help disversify the city.

Before the freeway boom of 2005 the City only had two feet on the west shore of the Michigan River with the Hamilton and Victoria Bridges. While the freeways were prolonged to the west, the city also expended its boundaries ferther west and built a new residential styled neighborhood with a small downtownlike section. The blue line C of the Subway network has also been prolonged and a subway station has been built in the area to help reach the area that is relatively separated from the rest of the peninsula on which the city of Neophyx almost entirely lies.

4- Reconstruction of some of downtown's main skyscrapers to enhance the city's skyline.

The Neophyx two tallest skycrapers, The AW Trade Center, were completely destructed and partially rebuilt with a more devlopped architecture to enhance the skyline. But the project is still uncomplete and one of the tower remains as a building site. Few other buildings were also rebuilt, modified and/or relocated.

5- Replacement of several actual brand names by fictive ones for copyright concerns.

All Berger Kings in the city as been renamed as Berger City, Subways as Pub Sub, Telus as Awtel, Pizza Hut as Pizz'Aw, Dairy Queen as Dairy Cream. Also, new fictive compagnies were created such as AWC and AmeriCom, both communication cies, Neophyx Electronics, Tek-Neo Soft Corp, Neophyx Life, West Neophyx Corp, NX Service as gaz service stations and S-Mart, a discount department store.

The NC9 Project

First designed in the late 2008 and the very begining of 2009, the NC9 Project is the second major plan of urbanism and restructuration of Neophyx that could bring a second boom of development in Neophyx. The plan has been declared official in May 2010. Some of the projects included in the NC9 are already completed and some others are in progress like the construction of the Expressway 101. Ferthermore, many other additional projects are also officially planned and awaiting to be actualized, and some are proposed or still are discussed ideas.

The NC9 is qualified as a Neophyx remodeling plan. Parts of the project are still about improving the road network with the addition of new roads and the modernization of the existing structures with higher standards, but this time, the plan is more focused on restructuring the city itself in order to make it more realistic. Many areas will or could be subject to major to complete refits and places for the modernization of the city's rapid transit, considered now obsolet, has not been neglected. As officializing the NC9, Nyxboy declared that he was now determined to eliminate the lag problems the city faces since its creation. New costumized objects are being designed and imported from Sedan, especially regarding taller buildings, in order to lighten the city.

The NC9 plan has been in part inspired by the fictive city of Liberty City from the GTA 4 game since it has many characteristics in common with Neophyx.

Some of the NC9's plans and proposed projects

1. Enhance Neophyx City its due atmosphere and make it more realistic.

-Construction of the Liberty Island. To intensify Neophyx's ressemblances with New York City. (Project Completed)

-Total reconstruction of the Neophyx Int'l Airport and remanagement of it's land.

-Restructuration of the Financial Downtown.

-Improvement of Severals textures like Roads and Building Walls.

-Incorporation of several new skyscrapers and buildings projects.

2. Reduce or eliminate lag in Neophyx

-The addition of customized low-poly-one-piece-objects buildings to help with the major Neophyx's lagging problems and improve the esthetic.

-Reduce the number of links and other heavy programed objects by lighter registered objects, textures and sounds.

3. Improvement and updating of transportation and the Road network

-Construction of the Neophyx Freeway, including the construction of the Trans-Michigan-tunnel with their interchanges and access, one of them including an artificial island in the michigan river linked to a new urban-blvd, named Westshore blvd,(an extension of the Expressway 3 to the north) along the northwest shore of the Neophyx peninsula. A second artificial island with condominium towers and parks could be annexed to the first one. (Project in progress)

-New buses, new Subway Wagons and improvement of the stations and if possible remake or improve its system.

-To finish whatever left uncompleted.

Official projects

  • The Fairpoint Tower and the complete refit of Fairpoint Park as parts of Fairpoint District. - May 2010 (Completed/Under construction)
  • The America Tower,(+East Tower n.2). - June 2010 (Completed)
  • Streets renaming and freeways/expressways/highways reidentification. (in progress)
  • Implementation of new NTA's rapid transit trains and buses. (in progess)
  • Implementation of NC9 Traffic lights. (Completed)
  • Implementation of NC9 road signage set. (Completed)

Expressway renumbering of 2010

In spring 2010, the numbering of all the freeway network in America has been revised. For the interstates, while the old numbering from the NC6 was based more on the actual interstates that had the closest trajectory to the virtual ones, the NC9 revision distributes numbers to freeways based on their rank of importance.

The Transamerica Freeway identified as 90(mostly), 190(urban section), and 5 - 80(on paper only for westernmost areas) has been renumbered has the Interstate 1.

The Hamilton Expressway identified as an auxiliary Interstate being Interstate 290 has been reidentified as Interstate 2, becoming its own Interstate.

However, on the oposite, the numbering of the auxiliary Interstates is now based on the real system.

The N.C. Expressway 101 has been transferred as such becoming the Interstate 201 and is planned to become a bypass freeway of the Transamerica in Neophyx.

The Interstate 401 identification has been reserved for an upcoming freeway planned to be built within Neophyx.

As for the other expressways; the N.C Expressway 1 and N.C. Expressway 5, only the Expressway 1 has been reidentified has N.C. Expressway 3 to avoid confusion with the Transamerica Freeway. The Alphaway Expressway 5 is the only freeway of all in the world to keep the same identification.

The NC9 renumbering became effective starting from June 11th of 2010. Signs are planned to be changed progressively across the world's road network during the following weeks.