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Neophyx-profile-2013.jpg America's Metropolis

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Community of America
Location America 150n 201e
Status Active
Type City-Common, Megapolis
Founded October 23rd, 2003
Leader(s) John Mayor
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Neophyx City, or simply Neophyx, is a highly dense city founded and built by John Mayor in the world America. Defined as the world's metropolis, Neophyx is renowned for being the densest built area in America and one of the densest in the Active Worlds universe.

Since its foundation, the city has been hosting most of the headquarters of many of the world's companies and institutions, and has been the main location of the urbanism firm BC's headquarters and installations since 2003. Its imposing megacity style and cosmopolitan aspects give Neophyx similarities with the cities of New York and Chicago.

Neophyx City is also the birthplace of the world's evergrowing and modern road network and its complex transportation infrastructures considered to be among the most developed of its kind and renowned to offer one of the most unique driving experience in Active Worlds.


Original handmade map of Neophyx in 2003 depicting the first developments. Being up side down, the map was based on the river entrance at this time rather than North.
Original handmade map of Neophyx in 2004 showing the rapid growth of the city during its first two years.

Settlement Phase (2003-2004)

Neophyx was founded on October 23th 2003 by Nyxboy on the Michigan peninsula at coordinates; 150n, 200e. It became Nyx's 3rd city to be built being preceded by Daliaxy(2002) and Sokiland(2000).

The NC6 Period (2005-2006)

During the years of 2005 and 2006, the city faced major modifications of its road network and its surrounding neighborhoods with the construction of a complete, and one of the universe's most advanced freeway networks. These major modifications were parts of the NC6 project.


In 2008, Neophyx's development cie BC(BCA) proposed some new projects composing an upcoming NC9 Project, probably Neophyx's next major urbanism plan. As of early 2009, some of these projects were already in progress, like the Expressway 101 project, and some were completed, like the Liberty Island. However, the NC9 plan only became official in May 2010.

The NC9 Period(2009-2010)

On October 23th 2009 Neophyx has celebrated its 6th years old anniversary.

In May 2010, the NC9 became official. Many modifications had been done on the city and new customized objects started to be imported from Sedan where they had been designed. Some projects were already in progress before they had been made parts of the plan. Unlike the NC6, the NC9 does not have any deadlines.

Some Caracteristics

License Plates

During the year of 2004 some cars in Neophyx were added of a Michigan license plate (due to Neophyx location) on their front and rear side, the idea was abandonned but some of these plates can still be seen throughout the city.

Phone Numbering

Several phone numbers are shown in Neophyx using the north american numbering standard. Since 2004, the area code of Neophyx is 462 as it has not been used in real life yet.

Neophyx panorama from West Neophyx in September 2011.

Law and Government

Conference for the 10th Anniversary at the cityhall in April 2013.

Neophyx City has been a metropolitan municipality with a centralized mayor-council form of government since its establishment in 2003. The city gradually moved towards a semi-autonomous territory until it joined the Union of Unespa as a former Common Member in 2011.

The government of Neophyx is relatively centralized and is responsible for most of the services provided on its territory like public safety, recreational facilities, sanitation, and the maintenance of the infrastructures. Since its foundation in 2003, John Mayor as been the de-facto mayor.

The Neophyx Police Department is the official authority in charge of the law enforcement across the city.


Road Network

Roads have come to play an important role in Neophyx City's development's history. Founded in 2003, most of the city had been developed before the introduction of Movers in Active Worlds. Back then, every of the streets created were only used by foot. For this reason, the city had reached a level of high density without a freeway network. Until 2005, only Alphaway, Neophyx's main artera, had a section that could had been considered as an expressway or an highway and had been created only as a matter of making the city more realistic.

In 2005, Nyxboy started to focus on Neophyx's roads intensively by creating a freeway network. This new network has the particularity to bypass the buildings, forced to make their way with a small space availability. The most notable result of this is the Expressway 3 that had partially been built on two levels in order to allow the structure to pass between the buildings in the area. This major road reconstruction is often qualified as the Neophyx freeway boom and was the main component of the NC6 project. As of 2010, Neophyx's road network was still expending significantly.

The 2006 road upgrades

NeophyxI190.jpg Expressway1.jpg

The Hamilton tunnel and the 2 highways passing on the 2 bridges crossing the Michigan River already existing in 2006 were upgraded into freeways and have been extended ferther to the west. These new extensions with the Expressway 3 were built on elevated structures to accomodate the surrounding builds. Later, the creation of the Transamerica Freeway brought more extensions towards east in the south part of Neophyx like the Victoria Freeway passing all the way across the peninsula above Victoria Blvd and the Eree Bridge that is currently the longest bridge in America. Another freeway, named the Neophyx Freeway(Interstate 201), destinated to become a big bypass in Neophyx, is currently under construction. This time in an area where space is still more available, the west section of the 201 has a constant 4 lanes in each directions making it the widest in America.


List of freeways in Neophyx City

Identification Name Route Length Construction
Interstate 1.jpg Liberty Freeway West Neophyx to Eastview ~700m(60cells) Jan - Aug 2006
Interstate 2.jpgTransamerica Logo.jpg Arlington Freeway From Victoria Bridge to Erie Bridge by following Arlington Blvd across South Neophyx ~750m(65cells) Oct 2006 - Apr 2009
Interstate 201.jpg Neophyx Freeway Transamerica I-2 to Downtown Neophyx Unknown 2009 - Unknown
Interstate 401.jpg Jetta Lewis Memorial Freeway Southern suburbs to Emedian Bay Unknown 2013 - Unknown
Expressway 3.jpg Expressway 3 Transamerica at Victoria Bridge I-2 to Liberty Bridge I-1 470m(47cells) 2006
Xpwy-5 (small).gif Expressway 5 Arlington Blvd to Downtown Neophyx 6th St 300m(30cells) 2003


Main Article: Neophyx City Subway.
See Map
Lewis Park Station on June 16th 2010

Neophyx has a complete 3 lines subway network using the old principle of teleportation that was designed in Daliaxy in 2002.

The line A (red), the longest and the first one to be built. It goes all the way north to south across the city by following Alphaway. The line B (blue), Goes all across the city west to east. When first planned, it was originally supposed to be extended 1 station to the north on its east end but was instead extended to the west suburb, which didn't exist when the network was first mapped. The line B became then the first and only line to have a station outside the Neophyx peninsula. The line C (green) Forming a big L, it goes from the western part of Neophyx's downtown to the Airport in the southeast.

The Neophyx Transportation Agency (NTA) is in charge of the network. There is no existing bus service in Neophyx. Since 2007 Nyxboy has shown his interest to modernize the subway judging the "type 1 system", developed in Daliaxy in 2002, to be obsolet. In 2005 and 2006, the NC6 Plan has done some refits on a few stations to improve their realism but the subway system itself remained unchanged.

Subway train interior in July 2010.

Since 2007, movers has been considered to be a future replacement possibility to include in the next urbanism plan of Neophyx. However, in 2009, after a few short studies the idea has been abandonned because of the complexity and failure to obtain the required authority for mover developing in America.

In 2010, a project has been added to the NC9 to develope a substitute type 2 system without the use of movers and the replacement of the equipment like trains and buses more specifically.

As on June 17th, new trains and buses have been imported to America and are being implemented progressively in the city, many subway stations are undergoing major renovations, and a type 2 prototype is currently on development and tested on the subway network.


Neophyx also has an International Airport composed of 2 terminals with a total of 8 gates. It is possible to go to some important destinations across the world with the help of a warp.

Boroughs and Neighborhoods

Boroughs and neighborhoods of Neophyx as of 2011.

The city of Neophyx is divided into four main boroughs where each is itself divided into smaller neighborhoods. Those four boroughs are; Neophyx(Great Downtown Neophyx Borough), South Neophyx on the Neophyx peninsula and Amersfort/Amersfort Island and West Neophyx both on separate land area. The main borough, considered the core of the city, is the borough of Neophyx itself that occupies the two thirds of the Neophyx peninsula in its northern section.



Alphaway Downtown Neophyx as of April 2011.

Downtown Neophyx is litteraly the core of the city. It is the densest area of all in Neophyx and represents the economic center of America as one of the most developed of the AW universe. Unfortunatly for Downtown Neophyx, dense developments came with major lag problems that BC as visitors have to deal with constantly. Although Nyxboy started to incorporate customed light one-peace objects to Neophyx in order to altered the lag pollution. The sector is still evaluated to have the ighest level of lag of all in the city.


Fairpoint is the northernmost neighborhood of the Neophyx peninsula. Its main attraction is the Fairpoint park for its location giving visitors a scenic view on the surrounding area, lakes and the Statue of America. The neighborhood is currently having a major refit under the NC9 Plan. When works will be completed, almost two thirds of Fairpoint will have been completely modified. One of Fairpoint's newest landmarks is the Fairpoint Tower based on a clock tower architecture.


Lennox District is currently the second densest developed area of the city and is considered to be the Downtown's extension to the south. It hosts the Neophyx Dome Stadium.


Used to be one of the nicest area of the city with its marina and the Aquaria Center, the neighborhood as become the most neglected of all throughout the years. It is one of the last place in the city where the streets are still paved with the first generation street objects and has never been updated with the NC6 traffic lights generation that has been widely used for almost four years during the NC6 period, but jumped directly to the NC9 generation in 2010. However some refits projects for the area planned in the NC9 Urbanism Plan might be promising for the area.


Amersfort Island from the air in April 2011.

The borough of Amersfort, or the Amersfort Island is the youngest and northernmost of the four boroughs composing the city. The land has been added to the city territory in the NC9 plans in 2009 and has some of the newest and most developed road infrastructures of America that are mainly composed of the Neophyx Freeway (Interstate 201). As of April 2011, the island could only be reached from West Neophyx using the Trans-Michigan Tunnel as the Amersfort tunnel that links the borough to Downtown Neophyx is still closed to traffic.

South Neophyx

South Neophyx is a term commonly used in Neophyx to refer to the southern neighborhoods of the city. It comprises the boroughs of Arlington, South Industial and the Victorian District. Although there is a presence of a few industries, South Neophyx is a relatively dense neighborhood mostly residential.


The Arlington neighborhood is considered to be the poorest sector of the city. The Arlington tower is the most infamous building of the southern part of Neophyx and it is the main landmark of Arlington as being from far taller than any of the other buildings in the area.

West Neophyx

Main Article: West Neophyx.

Lincoln Hill

Lincoln Hill neighborhood in April 2010.

Suburbs and Wisteria Lane

The Wisteria Lane neighborhood in April 2010.


Statue Of America, one of Neophyx City landmarks

Neophyx's Landmarks includes;

  • Lewis Park - Neophyx's main and oldest park. Location of Neophyx's ground breaking in October 2003.
  • Freedom Island and the Statue of America
  • The Liberty, Arlington and Erie Bridge
  • The Central Library
  • The Arlington Tower - The tallest skyscraper in the southern part of the city.


See also




  • America - Public building world where Neophyx is settled
  • BC - Urbanism firm in charge of Neophyx's development
  • Nyxboy - Neophyx's mayor and urban builder

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  • Daliaxy - A dense city that existed in the galaxy of Newfoundland from 2002 to 2003.
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