NL20 City Bypass Freeway

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City Bypass Freeway
NL20 reconfigured Sept09 1.jpg
Part of the
Sedan's Road System
Built/maintained By: Nyxboy, RTDNL
Other name(s): NL20
Formed: 2006-
under construction
Lenght: ~1,100m(~110cells)
West end: Sedan's Northwestern Boundaries
Fict.starts from the inner valleys
Junctions: NL-10.png NL-10
East end: Fed-1.png Fed-1
Sedan Freeway System
This article is about the freeway network in the world of Sedan UIflag.jpg

The NL20, or City Bypass, or simply the 20, is a freeway in the world of Sedan. It is the main freeway serving the northern districts of the city from west to east. Its construction started in 2006. It is the second longest freeway of the world and also the second widest since September 23rd 2009, when the RTDNL upgrated the freeway into an 8 lanes wide freeway(4 in each directions). The city bypass freeway was until this date 6 lanes wide.

Widening upgrade

On September 23rd 2009, the City bypass has been added of a lane in each directions passing from 3 to 4 lanes in each directions. The freeways has now a total of 8 lanes wide on all its length long. Making it the second widest freeway of the world and the widest of all the state freeways in Sedan.

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