NL10 Pacific Freeway

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Pacific Freeway
Part of the
Sedan's Road System
Built/maintained By: Nyxboy, RTDNL
Other name(s): NL10
Formed: 2006-
under construction
Lenght: unknown
South end: Fed-1.png Fedroad 1
Junctions: Unknown
North end: NL-20.png NL-20
Sedan Freeway System
This article is about the freeway network in the world of Sedan UIflag.jpg

The NL10, or Pacific Freeway, or simply the 10, is a freeway in the world of Sedan. It is the main freeway serving the eastern districts of the city from north to south. Its construction started in 2006. The Pacific Freeway is almost entirely built on an elevated structure and is exclusively 3 lanes wide in each directions. Its southern part, the Transcity Freeway used to be identified as NL110 Transcity Freeway, almost doubled the NL10 material length when it has been merged to the Pacific Freeway in late 2010. The NL10 has been since the longest freeway in Sedan. This portion passes all across the Central District, through partial tunnels to join the Fedroad 1 by the Sedan Bridge.

Name's origin

Pacific Freeway towards north October 2009

The Pacific freeway was named after the Pacific District in which it passes through.

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