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The Mystery Location is an ongoing, monthly event sponsored by AWI and featured in the Active Worlds Newsletter. A build is selected among the public building worlds and readers are charged with finding the location. The first reader to submit the correct guess to receives a 1-month citizenship, or citizenship extension.

List of Previous Mystery Locations and Winners

World Coordinates Month Year Winner
 ?  ? October 2012 Ongoing
Alphaworld aw 16012.38N 26979.25W 0.21A 220 September 2012 Kassie
Alphaworld aw 6716.63S 14215.48E 1.22A 47 August 2012 Conqueror
N/A N/A July 2012 Newsletter not published
AWTeen awteen 25.26S 3266.90W -2.52A 48 June 2012 Unclaimed
Alphaworld aw 28490.31S 23481.36W 0.46A 53 May 2012 Unclaimed
Mars mars 176.81S 69.10E 1.40A 18 April 2012 .graystripe
Alphaworld aw 1916.02S 2450.89W 0.38A 135 March 2012 John1018
AWTeen awteen 2123.04N 2607.08E 1.14A 187 February 2012 Neber
Alphaworld aw 651.63N 2861.10W -32.07A 1 January 2012 Unidentified Scout
Winter winter 1282.30N 158.96W 3.43A 123 December 2011 Unclaimed
AWTeen awteen 3067.39S 146.43E 5.39A 346 November 2011 VampyreX
Alphaworld aw 2204.02S 3471.45E -59.80A 295 October 2011 .Dylan
AWTeen awteen 199.17S 1179.79W 7.34A 123 September 2011 GC
Alphaworld aw 14074.13N 14084.67E 3.91A 217 August 2011 Holly
AWTeen awteen 2566.29S 1395.95E 0.64A 106 July 2011 Nibbles
Alphaworld aw 2045.59N 1355.65W 0.67A 110 June 2011 Unclaimed
COFMeta cofmeta 385.00N 104.00W 0.03A 0 May 2011 Unclaimed
Alphaworld aw 4653.36S 10396.45E 0.74A 144 April 2011 GSK
N/A N/A March 2011 Newsletter not published
Alphaworld aw 1339.03S 4740.43E 0.23A 176 February 2011 Unclaimed
Alphaworld aw 207.66S 1083.33E 0.17A 316 January 2011 Nursemom
Yellow yellow 71.36S 1624.70E 0.13A 6 December 2010 Gwylan
AWTeen awteen 995.42N 599.99E 1.20A 0 November 2010 Unclaimed
Yellow yellow 1624.10N 964.74E -0.11A 256 October 2010 Apooka
Alphaworld aw 2069.91S 3676.15E 0.90A 273 September 2010 .Darkwolf
Alphaworld aw 27.06N 2877.34W 1.17A 128 August 2010 Unclaimed
Alphaworld aw 2141.67N 1516.93W 0.04A 54 July 2010 Blue Green Gem
Atlantis atlantis 849.94S 302.14E 1.02A 341 June 2010 Unclaimed
Alphaworld aw 5798.12N 3788.83E 0.07A 259 May 2010 m i k e
AWTeen awteen 1745.81S 563.30E 0.67A 61 April 2010 Unclaimed
Alphaworld aw 2791.09S 3546.76E 1.91A 233 March 2010 Unclaimed
Alphaworld aw 14981.32N 24999.85W -0.11A 121 February 2010 .Nighthawk
AWTeen awteen 1585.77S 378.27E 0.05A 233 January 2010 RedDragon