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Mauz's Activeworlds Pages are a collection of webpages personally maintained by Mauz that feature a large wealth of information concerning Active Worlds History, Citizens, and general usage. The front page features current build information, as well as relevant and even featured links. It is without question the longest running, consistently maintained web resource concerning the Active Worlds Universe.


Personal Statement

"My Activeworlds citizen number is #70079. I immigrated on May 14, 1996, after having read about AlphaWorld in a Finnish computer magazine. I chose Mauz as my nickname because I like mice (< Maus in German). But that was on my work computer, running NT 3.51 I think; I started using AW more later that year, when I bought a 28K modem and 3D card for my Windows 95 home PC.

At first I just explored AlphaWorld and the small universe of the time. I also followed the official and unofficial web forums and newsgroups, where I learned how to build, among other things.

I started making a web site about AW in April 1997, as a collection of the information I had gathered."