List of Prime Ministers of Palmshire

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The Prime Minister of Palmshire is the political leader of the country and the Head of His Majesty's Government. The office holder is responsible for nominating all other members of the government, chairing Cabinet meetings and deciding when to call a new general election for the House of Commons. The Prime Minister can also nominate judges and propose the creation of new peers.

Prime Ministers before establishment of the monarchy (2004-2011)

Number Name Electoral mandates Entered office Left office Party affiliation Government Notes
1st Legion Rockford, 1st Duke of Rockford  — 4 July 2004 21 January 2011 Tory Rockford Retired

Prime Ministers under Legion I (2011-present)

Number Name Electoral mandates Entered office Left office Party affiliation Government Notes
2nd GC, 1st Duke of Cypress Hollow  — 22 January 2011 28 March 2011 Whig Cypress Minority government; Government collapsed when his Chancellor's Budget was defeated.
3rd Bach Zhaa, 1st Viscount Metaville  — 28 March 2011 5 April 2011 Communist Metaville Caretaker government.
4th Nibbles Yocum, 1st Duchess of Rochester Jun. 2011 5 April 2011 25 June 2011 Tory Rochester I First female Prime Minister; Treaty of Cypress Hollow ending the War of the Roses; introduced the controversial Nibbles Act.
5th Demon Dog Tenenbaum, 1st Earl of Arcadia  — 26 June 2011 4 August 2011 Communist Arcadia I Minority government. Resigned after Arcadia's Communist party failed to gain parliamentary majority following election called after defeat of his budget in the Parliament.
6th Nibbles Yocum, 1st Duchess of Rochester Aug. 2011 4 August 2011 29 September 2011 Tory Rochester II Resigned amid public controversy.
7th Arnold NYC, 1st Earl of Huntington  — 29 September 2011 6 November 2011 Tory Rochester II Acting Prime Minister; Dismissed after the government lost support of the majority in the Parliament.
8th Bach Zhaa, 1st Viscount Metaville  — 6 November 2011 10 February 2012 Communist Metaville Resigned after Metaville lost leadership election for Communist party to Arcadia.
9th Demon Dog Tenenbaum, 1st Marquess of Arcadia March 2012 10 February 2012 28 July 2012 Communist Arcadia II
10th Brock Tokeington, 1st Baron Tokeington Jun. 2012 28 July 2012 29 August 2012 Moose Tokeington Resigned after his party lost majority in the Parliament due to resignations of MPs.
11th Chris D  — 29 August 2012 Incumbent Socialist Chris D

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