List of Locations in Mutation

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This List of Locations in Mutation details each of the notable gameplay locations that existed in Mutation world.

A map of Dark Island, posted on the wall of Joe's Tavern.

Dark Island

Dark Island was very geographically diverse. The island contrasted from low-lying plains, forests, and beaches, to snowy mountains with steep cliffs. There were several settlements across the island.

Fishermen's Village

Fishermen's Village was the world's ground zero. This is where all players entered the world at, and where new players learned to play the game. Fishermen's village contained two stores, a dock, and roughly ten player owned houses.

Joe's Tavern

This tavern in Fishermen's Village, owned by /Joe, sold food to users for a low price. The tavern was also host to a map of Dark Island, and information such as who currently holds what crystals, and the top 10 players on the Hall of Fame.

Shade's Shop

Shade's Shop sold essential items, such as a map, compass, and tradeskill items. She also bought and sold gemstones and bracelets, powerful items a user could equip to enhance their skills.


Orelis was a large, walled city that was nestled on a pleateau on Dark Island. The town was incomplete up until the world's end, but it was still open with very many player owned houses. In addition, there was a shop there that sold special potions and skins. Orelis was to be the home of a player-controlled marketplace, but it never came to fruition. There was also an unmarked temple in the city.

Orelis was fairly popular for its close proximity to the Crystal Altar and several cyrstal puzzle areas.

Logging Village

The Logging Village was a small settlement of about five houses and a woodmill in Mutation's mountainous region. The houses here were contstantly sought after due to the small number of them, and their close proximity to two fishing ponds, a mine, and several crystal puzzles.

Farmer Village

On the plains of Dark Island, a small farmer village with several buildings existing. The village was destroyed and guarded by a very powerful spirit, named Daedor.


Nestled at the foothills of Dark Island's mountainous area, the Cathederal was home to an evil spirit and a crystal puzzle.


Halfway between the Farmer Village and Fishermen's Village, a small forest was on the plains of Dark Island. Logs could be found easily and frequently here, to aid in starting fires to cook logs.

A puzzle to gain a magical spell also existed in an underground chamber here.

Klang's Forge

This building was nestled on the foothills of Dark Island's mountainous area. Originally intended to be a weapons shop, it was never completed.


The Dark Island Arena was the only area in the game where you could not disable PvP. It was frequently used for combat tournaments.


Sitting on the snow capped top of Dark Island, this magical altar was the home to the crystal fragments.

To'Rak's Lair

This underground chamber was accessable to combat To'Rak after all of the crystal fragments had been collected and returned to the Altar.


Various mines existed across Dark Island, where a player could extract ore. One such mine was also host to a crystal puzzle.


Several ponds existed on Dark Island, where players could fish.


Immediately outside of the Fishermen's Village was a large swamp. If players stayed in the swamp too long, they could fall under the afflication of the Swamp Fever, which would slowly drain HP. The fever could be cured by a special potion that you could purchase from a shop in Orelis.

A small crypt with a crystal fragment puzzle was in the middle of this swamp.

Minor Islands

Wedding Island

This island did not have any gameplay value, but was used for roleplaying purposes. As the name suggests, couples were "married" here. Players could leave gifts for the new couple on the island, and watch the ceremony.

Teleport Island

Another non-gameplay related island, this area was for teleports to other AW Game worlds.

Underwater City

An underwater city was available for players to explore, provided they could do it without drowning underwater. There was no story content, and the area was believed to be part of Chapter 2.