Line of succession to the Palmshire throne

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The line of succession to the Palmshire throne lists people eligible to succeed to the throne of the Kingdom of Palmshire. The original line of succession was created by the first reigning monarch upon accession to the throne. Only the Parliament may alter the line of succession thereafter.

Place Name
1st Nibbles Yocum, 1st Duchess of Rochester, former Prime Minister
2nd GC, 1st Duke of Cypress Hollow, former Prime Minister
3rd Legolas, 1st Duke of Westover, former Foreign Secretary
4th Syntax, Mayor-President of SW City
5th Demon Dog Tenenbaum, 1st Marquess of Arcadia, former Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary
6th Sidris, 1st Duchess of Lexington, former Leader of the House of Lords
7th SW Comit, former Mayor-President of SW City
8th Matthew, 1st Viscount Fairfax, former AWTeen caretaker
9th Hyper Anthony, 1st Marquess of Arklay, a smelly skunk
10th Bach Zhaa, 1st Viscount Metaville, a former Prime Minister
11th Arnold NYC, 1st Earl of Huntington, a former Prime Minister
12th Sirqus, Mayor of Horizon City
13th AlexTheMartian, 1st Baron Alexandria, Mayor of Moonlight Heights