Legion I of Palmshire

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This is official Palmshire biography of Legion. For official Active Worlds biography of Legion, please see Legion
His Majesty
King of Palmshire
Legion I of Palmshire.jpg
Reign 22 January 2011 - present
Predecessor None recognized before
Heir apparent Nibbles, Princess of Stirling
Prime Ministers See list
In office
4 July 2004 - 22 January 2011
Monarch Pre-Monarchy
Preceded by Office created
Succeeded by The Duke of Cypress Hollow

Legion I of Palmshire is the constitutional monarch of Palmshire and has been reigning since 22 January 2011. He was Prime Minister of Palmshire from 2004 to 2011 and became the Duke of Rockford in 2011. Rockford was the leader of the Tory Party, which befits his conservative political philosophy with regards towards the role of Government and his opposition to the Duke of Cypress Hollow's Whig Party and the liberal political philosophy that latter adheres to.

Business career

The Duke of Rockford formed a company called Circle of Peace with the Duke of Stirling in December 1999 and was its chief executive officer and director for its entire history until its dissolution. He also formed Saint Mark's Plaza Hotel Company in 2006 to manage his newly built hotel in downtown Cypress Hollow. Both companies were later dissolved and all of its assets transferred to newly formed East Winter Company on 1 October 2010, which he became Governor of and sits on its board of directors.

Political career

The Duke of Rockford first entered political career as the Mayor of Peaceful Valley on 30 April 1999. Later that year, in December, he became first and only Governor of former Peace Colony and served in that capacity until 4 July 2004. On that day, he became first Prime Minister of Palmshire and remained in that office until January 21st, 2011. His tenure as Prime Minister saw quashing of Communist rebellion in Palm Hollow and quelling of a riot in Rockford that broke out following a bloodless coup of 10 September 2010 that resulted in dissolution of old Palmshire Senate.

He was created the Duke of Rockford on 4 November 2010 and took his seat on Parliament on 13 November that year.

Rockford also served as Mayor of Rockford for three terms. His first term began on city's founding city (1? October 2000) and later resigned on 4 December 2009. He returned to office on 17 January 2010 and resigned once again on 17 May same year. In same year, he became acting Mayor on 25 June, later Mayor on 1 September, and finally retired from that office on 21 January 2011.


On 22 January 2011, Rockford acceded to the throne as the first reigning monarch of Palmshire. His reign saw another riot in the capital as result of his refusal to receive petitioners demanding that he declare war on Iceman Empire which he refused, claiming that would give undue recognition to vicious barbarian state which he would not lend his hands to. He subsequently gave order to troops to open fire on rioters after they refused to disperse.

Known for his hostility toward the Whigs, he played a role in fall of the Duke of Cypress Hollow's government by allegedly bribing members of the Parliament, including Lord Dublin, the leader of Communist Party and Foreign Secretary under Cypress Hollow government. The bribes included various promises designed to encourage them to vote down the budget bill proposed by the Government at Parliament's March meeting. A week after the Government budget was defeated by close margin of one vote at the meeting, the monarch used refusal of Prime Minister to resign his office, as required by convention when defeated on a motion of confidence, as pretext to dismiss him and his Cabinet on 28 March.

Following the fall of Cypress Hollow's government and ministerial instability, he appointed Lord Metaville to serve as caretaker Prime Minister while he searches for a suitable candidate for Prime Minister. At first, he made offer to Baroness Nottingham to form a new Government but was turned down. Later, two candidates expressed interest for the office, triggering an election in the Parliament. The King threw his support, and therefore that of the monarchy, behind the candidacy of the Duchess of Rochester against Lord Dublin, whom he detested due to Dublin's Communist affiliation.

Rochester subsequently won the election and took office on April 5th, but at cost of provoking a relatively bloodless but nevertheless expensive civil war, known as Palmshire War of the Roses, with Lord Dublin and his supporters that lasted less than month before armistice was finally signed. The treaty ending the civil war is currently pending ratification in the Parliament this month.

Regnal titles
Preceded by
New title
King of Palmshire
Heir apparent:
Nibbles, Duchess of Rochester
Peerage of Palmshire
Preceded by
New creation
Duke of Rockford
4 November 2010-present
Heir apparent:
Not named yet
Party political offices
None recognized before
Leader of the Tory Party
Succeeded by
The Duchess of Rochester
Political offices
Preceded by
Office created
Prime Minister of Palmshire
Succeeded by
The Duke of Cypress Hollow