Large Buildings and Structures of Neophyx

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Skyscrapers and tallest buildings

Rank Name Image Height Year Notes
1 America Tower America Tower.jpg 280m 2010 The America Tower is a skyscraper in Neophyx City in the world America. Since its completion, it has been the tallest building to be built in both Neophyx and America with a height of 280m, presently the maximum height permitted in Neophyx. The tower distinguishes itself by surpassing the overall buildings of the skyline and can easily be seen from all points around the city.
 ? Stone Watcher Tower Stone-Watcher-Tower Rebuilt-Sketch Aug 2011.jpg 178m 2011 The Stone Watcher Tower is a high skyscraper in Neophyx City, America. The tower is a replica of the original building built in 2002 in the city of Daliaxy to commemorate the deleted city. The first replica in Neophyx has been completed in late 2003 and has been briefly the highest structure of the city at that time. It has been demolished seven years later to be replaced by the Neophyx Trade Tower 1 in 2010. The current structure has been relocated and rebuilt in late 2011.
 ? Fairpoint Tower Fairpoint Tower.jpg 70m 2010 The Fairpoint Tower is an iconic building in Neophyx City, America. Its construction took place on May 20th 2010 and is part of the NC9 Project. The tower is located in the new Fairpoint Park.

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