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Land cover is a technique for covering areas of registry-enabled worlds (such as AWTeen) so that land can be claimed and vandalism can be prevented, as the use of a registry prevents encroachment of other users objects.


Landa.rwx is the most commonly used land-covering object, as it is both cell sized and grass textured, making it fit with the ground as well as around outdoor builds. It is usually put over the terrain for scenic territory or otherwise is placed underground to hide it from the users view. In worlds using the megapath object path, area.rwx is the largest object available for convenient large-scale ground cover.

Large-scale land covering projects can be completed more quickly through use of seeding.


Abuse of land cover is a potential problem, especially with excessive amounts of unused land in public building worlds. It is considered rude and problematic when excessive land cover is used for a planned project or otherwise, especially when:

  • The owner abandons the project without cleaning up.
  • Land is taken for power or control.

Sometimes land cover can be used as a form of vandalism, by cutting off the space around another builder's build to ensure they cannot expand their build.