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Lampert Village
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Lampert Village is a small town founded by Flashcode in AlphaWorld in February 2009. Its coordinates are restricted to protect tourist builds.


Lampert Village was originally a building based on the content of the founder's website: It soon acquired a nature walk. Flashcode's friends later joined the place as mostly tourists and later it was given the name of Lampert or Lampert Village. Over time the village grew through both tourist and citizen builds.


Lampert Village is populated by the founder Flashcode, a tourist named Yoshark, who has contributed a lot, one other citizen and two tourists who have not contributed much.


  • Building (under construction)
  • Welcome Center (under construction)
  • Nature Walk
  • Flashcode's House
  • Yoshark's House
  • A Tourist's House (under construction)
  • Flappy's House
  • A Citizen's House
  • Flashshark Industries Laboratories
  • Flashshark Industries HeadQuarters
  • Flashshark Industries Hazard Training Course (under construction)
  • Flashshark Industries's Namiki Orbital Research Platform
  • Flashshark Industries's Music Tree
  • Flashshark Industries's Emergency Bunker
  • Upsilon Teleporter
  • Area 7 (under construction)
  • Area 7's Epic Games Shop
  • Courthouse
  • Jail
  • Police station
  • Lon Lon Ranch
  • A small town called Ravenholm
  • Kasan Incident Tourist Attraction
  • White Forest Inn
  • Electric Bike Factory (under construction)
  • Four Zombie Survival Forts/Shelters
  • Lampert Village Solar and Wind Power Plant (under construction)
  • Museum of History

Flashshark and Area 7

Flashshark Industries and Area 7 are both companies and rivals. They research sciency stuff. Flashcode and Yoshark are the cofounders of Flashshark and a tourist is the founder of Area 7. Flashshark is much larger than Area 7.

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