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JerMe served as the Chief Executive caretaker of AWTeen world for several years before resigning on June 26, 2007. Prior to his resignation he was served with a Declaration of No Confidence by the AWTeen General Assembly.

Upon his resignation he restricted all public access to, the then-official website for AWTeen world. This was the first serious test of the new AWTeen Charter.

The Declaration of No Confidence

A Declaration of No Confidence
by the AWTeen General Assembly
against JerMe


The General Assembly, in accordance to the Impeachment Provisions established solely by the AWTeen Charter, do herein declare their Votes of No Confidence against the standing Chief Executive, "JerMe".

It shall be clarified here that, under the current Charter, the Chief Executive has the potential power to issue a reversal of the decision to execute this proceeding. On further review, it has been concluded that such an act is absolutely illegal and should constitute immediate dismissal if it is attempted.

  • This act would be a violation of Section 2.01(f); the Chief Executive personally gains from reversing impeachment proceedings, and would have a clear personal interest in doing so.
  • It may additionally be a violation of Section 2.01(g), as the cancellation of a legal initiative would be difficult to prove as absolutely necessary.

The act of dismissing all persons involved in the impeachment proceedings shall also be considered absolutely illegal, unless it is proven clearly without doubt that the dismissals do not demonstrate any possible personal gain/interest for the Chief Executive.

Reasons for Impeachment

It has been unanimously determined herein that the standing Chief Executive is unfit to continue carrying out and executing the duties of his office for these reasons:

Reason 1: He has failed to reasonably update and maintain the AWTeen Website.
It is well known among the majority of AWTeen staff, and to some of the general public, that the AWTeen Website is seriously out of date and in dire need of proper maintenance. It has also been suggested to redesign the website itself. JerMe, who places himself in charge of the entire website, refuses to allow anyone access to the server via FTP and continues to use an outdated website. We do not believe this serves the best interest of AWTeen: our website represents our world.

Reason 2: He has outright refused on multiple occasions to allow others to take over maintenance and redesign of the Website.
Brock specifically has been denied permission to make any updates or redesigns on the AWTeen website, for the following reasons:

  • To "maintain file/directory organization" – While it is understandable that JerMe's site design has a specific file/directory structure, it is irrelevant in the light that the entire site design would instead be totally revised. It is not believed that there are many, if any, direct links to pages on the current AWTeen website.
  • Because it is a "live website" that should be experimented with "offline" – If a website design is available and ready to be used, there should be no reason to deny access.

Upon impeachment, we would like for JerMe to relinquish and transfer ownership of the domain to Active Worlds Inc.

Reason 3: He has directly violated the Charter
On June 24, 2007, JerMe revoked the building rights of "Darkmonkey12" (cit#360875). The reason for this revocation was based on a telegram received from "dreamer2":

Telegram from dreamer2, sent Sat Jun 23, 2007 5:39 PM:
hello - I would like to inform you of a citizen that is deleting entire cities of tourist builds in awteen - by the name of Darkmonkey12 (360875) recently he deleted a city built by Paulo and his girlfriend in awteen 368N 2350E -- When I ran the citizen number in awschool - found that I have already banned --that number- runemonkey1 (360875/360875) ejected by dreamer2 (308900/308191)

Tom (Flagg) specifically discussed with Dr. SquaiLboonT that we were to cease offering any protection to tourist buildings, and to no longer punish any citizen who deleted tourist property. JerMe's revocation of Darkmonkey12's build rights is a clear violation of Tom's direct order and therefore constitutes a violation of Section 2.01(h), which specifically states "The Chief Executive shall execute no more authority than is granted to him by this section and those powers granted to him as a member of the Executive Council".

Other Minor Reasons

  • He is overly concerned with AWTeen staff being "too serious", to the point where he himself is the thing he fears of us.
  • He has, in past debates, used his implied superiority to lambaste and put down his co-caretakers.
  • He has failed, and continues to fail, to demonstrate a reasonable understanding of events occurring in the world.
  • He has failed, and continues to fail, to make reasonable inquiries about such events, instead going on his own assumptions based on his experience.
  • He has demonstrated, and continues to demonstrate, that he fails to understand the nature of the staff's volunteer relationship to AWTeen.

The Aftermath

Upon being served with the declaration, JerMe effectively resigned. This is an unedited chat log of the night.

Newman111: lol they should fake announce a random cit is the new ct to GC just to watch him squirm
hicks8: 292
AlexTheMartian: i had a little corner of the world named moonlight heights, but then, Blinkville
s e V e n s: Jacob The M Hero is the new CT, didnt you hear Newman?
Newman111: lol
Matticles: omg mr aadam 4 crae talker
Maikeru: yes
Snoops: I know he would and possibly brock out
AlexTheMartian: well there it is, adam has to be the next one
Maikeru: yes
AlexTheMartian: </sarcasm>
Maikeru: he will kik out al de lozerz
Maikeru:  :-/
Snoops: He would have to kick himself out then
Matticles: After nominations are cast, the Executive Council shall conduct a tally. The top three nominations from this tally will be put through a final vote by the General Assembly. The results of this voting shall be submitted to AWI.
[Citadel128]: "*gets flashed without warning by Gnu64* Ahhh! x_x" best legion quote ever <3
Matticles: That's about nominating a new head CT
Matticles: *wonders how well a tally will go with 2 executive council members*
Newman111: *cusses@ legion for that post*
Matticles: lol
s e V e n s: lol gnu
Matticles: nice post in the spam forum gnu
Snoops: brb
AlexTheMartian: it said executive council members, not just the Cts, so i think both me and brock counts, and i dont know but maybe the other past-cts, obviously not jerme
AlexTheMartian: but dont forget people, JerMe still is able to step down before the impeachment is final
Matticles: Isn't it against the charter for both you and Brock to have voting privs?
AlexTheMartian: i do not
AlexTheMartian: only he does, when it is only CTs voting
Matticles: So then both you and Brock wouldn't count, only he would. The executive Council is solely CTs
[Citadel128]: *smacks paw on Matt* Ignore him
AlexTheMartian: oh yeah your right
JerMe: So, as my final act as a CT.... I'd like to nominate GC as my replacement.
Maikeru:  :O
AlexTheMartian: well why even call it executive council, stupid charter, it is the sdame thing as just saying the caretakers
Matticles: I lol'd
hicks8: LOL
AlexTheMartian: all hail Ct GC
JerMe: We've always extended that courtesy to past CTs
Matticles: awteen website = even deader than before
JerMe: Yes, indeed Matt
Maikeru: because caretakers sound like little british nannies taking care of whiny children. which you essentially are, I suppose
Matticles: 403 forbidden is win
JerMe: no point in having it anymore
[Mark Randall]: JerMe just deleted the entire website
[Citadel128]: I still find this whole charter/council gig laughably ridiculous
Matticles: we noticed
JerMe: ohh no, not deleted
Snoops: Back
JerMe: just changed the permissions
AlexTheMartian: no no, give it to design committtee
Maikeru:  :|
Matticles: just forbid everyone from seing it
JerMe: chmod 700 ftw
[Mark Randall]: correcting myself
JerMe: you have your, stop wining
Matticles: indeed
[Mark Randall]: JerMe just deleted the entire group permissions on the awteen website
JerMe: whining*
Matticles: yes, that's what we just said :-)
Afro Zombie: Mark.. Your register thing on your site is screwed o_O
[Citadel128]: We're winning! We're winning!
Matticles: mark runs his site on windows ftl
DamianCarvaLho: Jerme, Isn't that kindof pointless since everyone can always impeach GC?
[Mark Randall]: wouldent surprise me Afro, just moved onto a dedicated server and havent fully set up mysql yet
Afro Zombie: Oh and can someone please inform what happend while I was AFK?
Matticles: It's just tradition that they've honored that
JerMe: that's your problem Damian
[Citadel128]: What makes Windows Server 2003 less capable of hosting than Linux, Matt?
JerMe:  :-P
Matticles: So no need to now
[Citadel128]: >:O
Maikeru: its windows?
Matticles: That it is windows. And linux is linux.
Snoops: wtfs going on?
AlexTheMartian: if GC is a CT, he has to go through the impeachment process that is in the charter, we can not just kick him out "because he is GC"
hicks8: linux pwns on website serving
Afro Zombie: I see no one is gonna inform me of what happend while I was AFK
Afro Zombie: Kay
Matticles: GC won't be CT
Maikeru: he'll nominate jag when he gets impeached :P
Afro Zombie: He was "gonna" to be?
Snoops: I thought gc WAS a ct
Matticles: You don't have to honor the nomination
Afro Zombie: =P
[Citadel128]: Actually, if it were GC, I'd say screw the charter and boot him out
Matticles: you phail
Matticles: lol
[Citadel128]: Charters and councils, tsh, you people XD
AlexTheMartian: hey i had no part writing that document
Maikeru: gnu liked it better back in the good old days when furries ruled with their sharp claws
Maikeru:  :-/
[Citadel128]: Alex is excused
[Citadel128]: I wasn't even a furry back in the day.
JerMe: Alex, you used it to kick me out... why ignore it now?
Matticles: It has a few flaws, such as the "executive council tally" thing. There will be 2 people voting lol
DamianCarvaLho: Ah, but JerMe, you helped bann GC fropm any future staff positions. therefore it is impossable for you to elect him.
AlexTheMartian: i only presented the declaration
Afro Zombie: Man I have no idea what is going on
JerMe: 'eh, there was never anything official on that
Matticles: Alex started impeachment against JerMe. JerMe resigned.
Matticles: there
hicks8: still sounds like to me that you are all making a big deal over stupid rather stupid
DamianCarvaLho: Well it certainly won't show in good faith to Flagg.
Snoops: afaw
Matticles: lol
JerMe: Screw flagg... he doesn't answer half my emails anyways... neither does Martin
DamianCarvaLho: Since, right now, you are doing it because you are a petty person.
JerMe: like pulling teeth to get them to do anything
DamianCarvaLho: Flagg answers all of my telegrams tho.
JerMe: Nah, you all are the petty ones...
Maikeru: flagg is god. you all must remember you are but his fleshly representatives to the mortals
[Hermes]: ••• Digigurl has joined the extended chat network.
Matticles: Hi Digi
JerMe: It's one giant pissing contest...
Matticles: E N Z O is god. Flagg is just a prophet.
AlexTheMartian: god is god, now shut up about god plz
Digigurl: Hey
JerMe: Hey digi
JerMe: this not being CT thing is really cool
JerMe: i can tell people what i really think about them :-)
Digigurl: Tell me about it
Matticles: Thing is, you all still have the ppw
hicks8: woot woot
Digigurl: Well you can to an extent..
JerMe: Like.... your'e a backstabbing sl*ut :-D
Matticles: rofl
[Mark Randall]: JerMe, you dont want to go there
Snoops: =O
Digigurl: Lovely Jer
Maikeru: that asterisk isnt even replacing a letter :P
[Hermes]: ••• JerMe has left the extended chat network.
hicks8: i think once u leave CT position you should loose all power what so ever that you had.
Afro Zombie: W-W-W..
Maikeru: psst, lets petition jerme :P
Afro Zombie: What the heck just happend?
Matticles: According to Brock
Matticles: That is a non-issue for us
[Citadel128]: And now, for something completley diffrent
DamianCarvaLho: Maik, that can't happen.
Afro Zombie: That's something I expected from Iceman12 or something
Maikeru: lol
Matticles: I thought issue was a matter of opinion :o
[Hermes]: ••• JerMe has joined the extended chat network.
Matticles: I tried maik
JerMe: haha
JerMe: best of luck to you all
Matticles: [Hermes]: Sorry, you may not initiate a petition against that citizen.
Digigurl:  :)
Matticles:  :-p
AlexTheMartian: only if you are impeached do you loose all powers, if you just step down, you get the benefits of "former CT"
hicks8: former CT
Maikeru: ^locate -fe golden moose
hicks8: that sounds like a crock
Maikeru: g2g
hicks8: if you dont have the position you dont have the powers
Maikeru: cyaz
[Mark Randall]: id say JerMe was fired, not stepped down
Matticles: It's h:uid ?golden moose
JerMe: Mark, no one asked
Maikeru: i no
Matticles: The impeachment never went to AWI
Matticles: He stepped down
Digigurl: Jer no reason to get your panties in a bunch
[Mark Randall]: No-one needs to ask, I give my opinion freely.
Matticles: So, he gets all the PPWs, except for CT
Afro Zombie: I'm just here trying to figure out what happend, because I just came back from a 3 Hour AFK
Matticles: But apparently, that is a non-issue for us.
Maikeru: jerme got impeached
JerMe: I give it 2 weeks before mark takes over the place again
JerMe: that'll be great
JerMe: Maikeru, STFU
JerMe: Try to get a clue first
Digigurl: LOL ok..
Snoops: What happened to usbn hq?
[Mark Randall]: nah, im quite fine with my world thanks.
Maikeru: just telling him what happened :-/
Matticles: no he didn't
[Mark Randall]: no really, he did
Matticles: the impeachment proceedings started, but before it went to AWI or really got anywhere, he stepped down
[Hermes]: ••• Snoops has left the extended chat network.
[Hermes]: ••• Snoops has joined the extended chat network.
Afro Zombie: Hmmm...kay..
Maikeru: yeah
Matticles: Then again, my usage is probably wrong
JerMe: Mark, you really have *no* idea what's been going on. Try to shut your mouth for once...
[Mark Randall]: thats like saying 'im guilty' 5 seconds before you're going to be announced guilty anyway
Digigurl: LOL thats like yelling at someone not to stress out
Matticles: lol
AlexTheMartian: The charter allows him to step down while the impeachment process is happening
AlexTheMartian: so dont all get all fussy about it
Afro Zombie: h:pm ?digi: J
Afro Zombie: (to Digigurl) J
[Hermes]: WARNING: There is 1 other user in your chat range that may have heard this message.
[Mark Randall]: and calling digi a **** means he breaks his own charter rules and gets fired from his position
Afro Zombie: h:pm ?digi: JerMe is reminding me of someone
Afro Zombie: (to Digigurl) JerMe is reminding me of someone
[Hermes]: WARNING: There is 1 other user in your chat range that may have heard this message.
Afro Zombie: h:pasv
JerMe: ......after i had already stepped down
[Hermes]: You are now in passive mode.
Maikeru: he had already resigned
JerMe: doesn't matter...
AlexTheMartian: i rather he step down
AlexTheMartian: then get impeach
JerMe: .....Genius mark over here...
Afro Zombie: h:pm ?digi: Like Godfather or Iceman12 or something, he's insulting ALOT and I haven't seen that side of him
Afro Zombie: (to Digigurl) Like Godfather or Iceman12 or something, he's insulting ALOT and I haven't seen that side of him
[Hermes]: WARNING: There is 1 other user in your chat range that may have heard this message.
[Mark Randall]: but those are positions attributed to him being an ex CT, so bye bye special perks
Matticles: true
JerMe: Mark, have you not figured it out yet... I don't care about those extra perks......
JerMe: I mean... if you can't tell...
Matticles: lol
AlexTheMartian: there isnt really much specal perks
Digigurl: Nope.
JerMe: Besides, you're doing your best to get rid of those too
[Mark Randall]: and you complain about me when i go shutting down websites etc when im annoyed, at least i actually have up to date websites to shut :P
JerMe: what's the point?
JerMe: At least I have a life...
hicks8: ding ding jerme wins
JerMe: and it's not consumed by updating a website every 10 mins
hicks8: heh
DamianCarvaLho: So why are you here right now just making a fuss?
Maikeru: nor every 6 months
Newman111: bathroom brb all.
[Mark Randall]: or every 10 months for that matter
JerMe: Damian, that's what everyone else is here doing. I thought I'd join the party. :-D
Digigurl: actually... not really.
JerMe: What else do you guys do but sit around and make a fuss about me being CT?
JerMe: it's my turn
Maikeru: you wouldnt know, would you?
hicks8: and i cant GC on skype.. he away darnit
s e V e n s: *hands out the party favors*
JerMe: I sent him an IM... all is well
Digigurl: Nah.. we don't think about you THAT much jer ;)
DamianCarvaLho: It's your turn to fuss about yourself being a CT?
AlexTheMartian: i stepped down the first time becuase i could no longer give the time i think AWTeen needed with my job as CT
Digigurl: The least you could do jer is step out with some pride
JerMe: Damian, if that's what it takes... sure
Digigurl: and be mature.
[Mark Randall]: poor jerme got fired :O oh well, its happened to me a dozen times, difference is I actually carried out my role before being fired.
JerMe: Digi... after that last forum post you made....
JerMe: nah, i don't think so
Digigurl: I do ;)
JerMe: I was never disloyal to any fellow CT
[Mark Randall]: *choke*
Newman111: back
JerMe: nor did I tell anyone anything to "shut them up"
DamianCarvaLho: Digi. You hurt his feelings.
Digigurl: i suppose :(
[Mark Randall]: you promised AlexTheMartian and I you'd fire her if you became head CT
[Mark Randall]: loyalty ftl
Digigurl: Sure Jer :D
JerMe: Digi, how long did I stand between you and everyone else who wanted you gone when you could only be online on the weekends?
JerMe: how's that for loyalty?
JerMe: I kept doing whatever i could to keep them from kicking you out
JerMe: right up until they started trying to kick me out too
Digigurl: Sure jer.. sure
Digigurl: JerMe gone wild :D
JerMe: I mean, hey, let's be honest...
Digigurl: or is that sexual harassment ;)
Matticles: Hey! Digigurl can now legally buy that :-)
AlexTheMartian: jerme stepped down, am i correct? so what is all this bickering back and forth
JerMe: not more BS'in arround
Digigurl: LOL Matt XD
AlexTheMartian: eww burn'd cookies
AlexTheMartian:  :(
Matticles:  :(
Afro Zombie: h:::(
[Hermes]: Your message was sent to 22 users.
Digigurl: Hey matt
Maikeru:  :(
Maikeru: Airco
JerMe: Well... you kids have fun. :-)
Maikeru: youve said that 5 times now
Digigurl: You too Jer =)
Matticles: k hun
DamianCarvaLho: You leaving?
Strike Rapier: nevermind JerMe. Im sure C P will be along soon to give you a hug.
JerMe: ohh, and I hope someone had a copy of all the stuff on, because it's probably going to be a long while before you get it out of me
Strike Rapier: actually.. yes
hicks8: lol
AlexTheMartian: i got the declaration saved
Digigurl: who cares, it was old :P
JerMe: Yea, some of us have jobs, and a life
Snoops: Whats a
Digigurl: Hey no need to say something bad about alex
Digigurl: i think he is being nice
AlexTheMartian: i never once complained about the site
Afro Zombie: h:pasv
[Hermes]: You are no longer in passive mode.
AlexTheMartian: i know how annoying webmastering is
Afro Zombie: Can't leave the converstation die?
JerMe: Digi, there was plenty of history on there. Images, maps, stats, lists, forum posts....
DamianCarvaLho: I have a job.
Newman111: I tried to work with it and failed big time :D
Strike Rapier: got em :)
Digigurl: *shrugs*

JerMe: Good for you mark...
AlexTheMartian: jerme, want to give to me?
JerMe: leave it to the one person who has the *least* of a life
JerMe: nope, not really
Digigurl: It is on awportals i think.. a complete history.
JerMe: i paid for it
AlexTheMartian: ok
JerMe: i think i'll hang on to it, thanks
Matticles: But CT is important, and job/life is no excuse. Like say... voulenteering to work around the city cleaning up trash with some other people from the community. What's going to happen if you don't show up?
s e V e n s: need a reimbursment?
AlexTheMartian: alright, lets have no website *parties*
Matticles: bad example
Matticles: i phail
Strike Rapier: we have .org alex
JerMe: I'll *sell* it to you... for 10X what I paid....
Digigurl: Jer why can't you step down with pride .
Digigurl: Honestly.
Strike Rapier: ooo thats technically cybersquatting
Digigurl:  :O!!!!
JerMe: no, you hold no trademark
s e V e n s: that wont work jer, theres laws to protect us against that ;)
Matticles: AWW!
[Hermes]: ••• Snoops has left the extended chat network.
JerMe: go read the rules
s e V e n s: AW holds the trademark here
JerMe: you need a registered trademark
AlexTheMartian: jerme go keep
JerMe: not on "awteen"
DamianCarvaLho: Sevs, hurry and register the TM.
Afro Zombie: the world depends on it!
JerMe: haha, have fun with that... like i said
JerMe: screw you guys :-)
s e V e n s: AWteen is in the universe, AW is part of the tm, AWTeen is covered
DamianCarvaLho: Which takes years.. and lawyers @.@
JerMe: g'night
Strike Rapier: we have .org, leave jerme to spend his money on .com
hicks8: watches jer cry over the $9 domain cost
Afro Zombie: Screw ya too =D
Digigurl: Bye Jer =D
[Hermes]: ••• JerMe has left the extended chat network.
AlexTheMartian: i am disapointed jerme, i hoped your mark in the history book wouldnt be wuined like it now is, thanks to this rant.
Afro Zombie: That felt nice
Maikeru: omgnoez!!!!!!!1 *glomps*
s e V e n s: therefore you loose ;)
Afro Zombie: Telling JerMe to screw himself
Digigurl: ding dong the witch is dead
Afro Zombie: That really felt nice
Afro Zombie: =D