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The Irenic Ocean, also known as Irenia or Irenian Ocean, is the water body that surrounds most of SW City Territory. The ocean is also the largest water body in all of Alphaworld, and is visible from the world map.

The word Irenic means "One which favors peace", demonstrated by the ocean's passive, calm nature. The water body is approximately 3000 coordinates east-west, and 1700 north-south.


The ocean was first built in January, 2002, after Syntax proposed that SW City should be an island. After a couple of weeks of work, a small ocean was created around the island.

In October of that same year an eastern expansion was suggested. The ocean was expanded to cover the areas of Sybit Island, Velothi Island, the Vastlands, and numerous minor islands in the SW City Territory. The current ocean was constructed by various members of the SW City staff.

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