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BVR relay

Dr. Squailboont





First release

2006 (build 24)


Always scan downloaded files before attempting to open


Hermes is a bot that provides global chat and other messaging features. Hermes was designed for AWTeen by request from Hyper Anthony in 2006, the first public release occuring with build 24 in late 2006. The name Hermes continues AWTeen's historic tradition of administrative bots named after Greek gods (such as Demeter and Zeus).


In April 2006, Hermes shared the SupportAW Superior Programming award with Eclipse Evolution.

AWTeen: On October 19, 2007, Hermes-powered global chat relay was slated for removal. This decision was made solely by then-Caretaker Dr. Squailboont, with the advice of only one other active Caretaker and not the existing government council. It was believed by most of AWTeen's past and then-present core supporters that the introduction of global chat was in fact harming the AWTeen community in a manner that was contrary to the world's spirit [1]. Hermes was planned to be removed before 9:00 A.M. EST on October 19; basic features of the bot were to remain, such as conferences and global private messaging (also known as global whispering). This plan, however, was completely abandoned by the unexpected shutdown of the government and hand-over of the world to AWI and the PeaceKeepers.

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