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Welcome to the documentation and help section of the Active Worlds Wiki. Below are links to different areas of documentation.


Browser Documentation

This section is about the Active Worlds Browser itself. It contains information on installation/setup, registering, moving around, communicating with other users, and using the browser's interface.


This section contains everything you need to know about building in Active Worlds. It includes an object command reference.

Object Design

3D / Object Design Documentation

Artistic development particular to the Active Worlds browser.


Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK is an API provided by AWI for developing bots. This section contains everything you need to know about programming bots, including an API reference.

World/Universe Servers & Administration

World Administration

The world administration section is geared towards caretakers and world owners. It details the many settings specific to each world and also contains some tips for setting up a new world.

World Server Documentation

This section details the world server software and is geared towards world owners and system administrators.

Universe Server Documentation

This section details the universe server software.



This section contains a listing of common phrases and terms used in Active Worlds and in the Active Worlds community.