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What is Striker Co.?

Founded by StrikerKcheetah in February 2008 with the goal of bringing AW users together, Striker Co. is a non-profit organization which is constantly looking for new ways of networking within the Active Worlds universe.


Communities Maintained by Striker Co.

Every now and then, Striker Co. will create a new community, or help save a dying one. The main community, and the current location of their HQ, is Warcat City.



no events planned at this time

What can I do as a member?

There is a whole wealth of things you can do as a member.

Positions Available

  • Build Team
  • Promotional Team
  • Bot Department
    • Programming
    • Hosting
  • Web Team
    • Admin
    • Moderator
  • World Management Team
    • Caretaker
    • OP Manager
    • Security

Current Members


Telegram: StrikerKC