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This article is about the fictional environment of the world of Sedan. For the world and the city of Sedan, see Sedan's main article.

Image showing Sedan's location on the Nuwa Lueza Island

The world of Sedan has a relatively complete fictional environment as a background, created to justify some details like street and company names, climate and architecture present in the city. It involves primarily its geographic location and its nation, its history, its climate and many details that compose them.

Sedan is the largest city and the economic center of its fictive country located in the South Pacific Ocean named The United Islands which is an archipelago composed of 8 main islands where each plays the role of a state. The state, and island, on which Sedan is established is named Nuwa Lueza.

The United Islands

Main Article: United Islands.
National flag of the United Islands, also used as Sedan's official world flag

The United Islands officially the Commonwealth of The United Islands of Pacific, is an island country in the south Pacific Ocean. Its capital is Panala and its largest city is Sedan.


The United Islands archipelago from space in 2009.

The United Islands territory is composed of hundreds of islands and atolls in the South Pacific Ocean comprising the main or metropolitan archipelago itself composed of eight main islands, the eith largest land mass of the archipelago, formed by ancient volcanos.

Demography of the 8 U.I states, the capital territory and their capital cities

States, Capital Cities and Population.
State-Island State Population Capital Capital-Metro Population
 Nuwa Lueza  6,150,000  Sedan  5,000,000
 Taluwah  3,390,000  Lewington  3,000,000
 Capital Area
 1,500,000  Panala  1,500,000
 North Palm Isl.
 995,000  Palm City
 Ashfax Isl.
 700,000  Ashfax  700,000
 Albizia Isl.
 400,000  Albizia  400,000
 South Palm Isl.
 260,000  Luh Yawa
 Luwapy  250,000  Luwa Bay
 Pawana  150,000  Port Vincent
 United Islands  13,795,000  Panala  1,500,000


The climate of the United Islands is typical for a tropical area. Warm all year with an average temperature ranging between 20°C and 30°C.


Discovered by Europeans about two centuries ago.


The United Islands is a constitutional republic where the President of the United Islands is the highest political official in the country by influence and recognition. The present governing president is Jane Kelly Ki'Lura, (current mandate 2006-present). The federal government as most of their installations are settled in Panala, the capital city of the country.


The United Islands have a wealthy economy where technologies, tourism, finance and agriculture occupy an important place. The nation's currency is the UI Dollar(UID) and its own fictive stock exchange is identified as the UISX.

The state of Nuwa Lueza

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Nuwa Lueza State Flag
Political map of the state of Nuwa Lueza in 2009

Nuwa Lueza, pronounced /nuwə luɛzə/, is an island and one of the 8 federated states of the United Islands. It is geographically the island and politically the state where the city of Sedan is the state capital and largest city. The political state of Nuwa Lueza shares the same delimitations of the geographical main island but also includes the surrounding smaller islands. The state is governed by present governor, John Kilani.

Other Fictional Locations


Main Article: Panala.

Panala was a completely fictional city until it has been partially actualized in the world of Sedan. It is the second largest community of the world after the city of Sedan and the national capital of the United Islands and is located on Taluwah Island where its own territorial division, refered as the Capital Area, shares the island with the state of Taluwah. The city is home of the national parliament and many other governmental offices and agencies as some of the largest companies in the U.I.

East Sedan

Nuclear Power Plant in the city of East Sedan as seen from Sedan on October 2009.

East Sedan is a fictional city located directly next to Sedan beyond its east boundaries along the coast. The city is said to be very industrial where important facilities like the nuclear power plant, main source of the metropolitan area, and Motorizo car assembly factories are located. The city also currently hosts the portual facilities of Sedan.

Organisations and Companies

This fictive environment gave birth to some federal and state organizations that have an important role in sedan like;

-UIBA(Federal) - United Islands Borders Authority, playing the role of world customs,

-UICI(Federal) - Similar to CIA, they are in charge of stocking all kind of data about the country,

-RTDNL(State) - Road and Traffic Division of Nuwa Lueza, In charge of the state road network and its signage.

Phone Numbers

The Sedan numbering plan, being in reality the United Islands numbering plan, is Sedan's own fictive phone system standard describing the allocation of phone numbers effective on its whole territory.

According to the U.I. numbering plan standards, regular phone numbers are composed of an area code of 2 digits and a personal number of 6 digits. They are mostly being used in some advertising and other visual purposes. Exemples can be seen on bus stops as on emergency and taxi vehicles. Area codes in the Sedan metropolitan area are 60,61,62,63,64,65 and 66, all serving specific geographical zones. However the country code is unrevealed. Besides regular numbering there are also short key numbers like the emergency number written on police cars and ambulances is 0-0-0 (Triple Zero or Triple Oh), the same used in Australia for example. It must be specified that all phone numbers in Sedan are only used to add realism in the city and cannot be dialed.

U.I. Numbering Plan's Official Table as of February 2010
Numbers/Area Codes State/Island City/Areas Type
 10,11,12  CPA  Capital Area/Panala  Area Code
 21,22,23  TA  Lewington Metro Area  Area Code
 24  TA  Taluwah rural  Area Code
 31  NP  North Palm Isl.  Area Code
 32  SP  South Palm Isl.  Area Code
 40  ALZ  Albizia Isl.  Area Code
 51  AFX  Ashfax City  Area Code
 52  AFX  Ashfax(Isl) rural  Area Code
 60,61,62,63,64,65,66  NL  Sedan Metro Area  Area Code
 71  NL  Lueza City Metro Area  Area Code
 72  NL  Eastern rural  Area Code
 73  NL  Western rural/Mahora Plains  Area Code
 74,75  NL  Cryan/West Coast Area  Area Code
 76,77  NL  Kanulah Coast Area  Area Code
 80  LUW  Luwapy Isl  Area Code
 90  PAW  Pawana Isl  Area Code
 Services/Key Numbers
 000  Police and Emergencies
 555  Info Traffic

Cultural Influences

Fictive local Polynesian expressions are omnipresent in the city as street, location and company names.

Fictional personalities

Luisa Kula at Albizia Beach in Sedan. October 2009


  • Jane Kelly Ki'Lura - President of the United Islands
  • John Kilani - Governor of Nuwa Lueza

Actors and Models

  • Luisa Kula - Actress and model
  • Sophia - television reporter for Sedan Television and Sun News

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