Fedroad 1

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Fedroad 1
Fedroad1 tunnel junction.jpg
Part of the
Sedan's Road System
Built/maintained By: Nyxboy, RTDNL
Other name(s): Fed1, Freeway 1
Formed: 2006-
under construction
Lenght: ~1,300m(130cells)
South end: Naya Island,
Route-2 (small).gif Route 2
Junctions: NL-110.png NL-110
NL-210.png NL-210
NL-20.png NL-20
North end: Sedan north boundaries
Sedan Freeway System
This article is about the freeway network in the world of Sedan UIflag.jpg

The Fedroad 1, or Fed 1, or simply the 1, is a national freeway in the world of Sedan. Its construction started in 2006, Sedan first year since its foundation, and is the only national freeway passing through the city of Sedan from north to south in its eastern area. The Fedroad 1 is also renowned for being the world largest freeway, being partially up to 6 lanes wide in each directions.

Route description

Fedroad 1 passing next to Bay District.

Within Sedan

Fedroad 1 begins at Naya Island where it connects with Route 2. The freeway then runs along the Sedan International Airport‘s peninsula until it reaches the northern districts of Sedan of North Paya and East Industrial of which it marks their boundaries by passing between them until leaving city‘s territory through a dual tunnel accross the northeastern mountains to join the inner valleys.

Fictional Route

The fedroad 1 route then passes through the inner valleys of Nuwa Lueza towards north to join the Taluwah Island on which it passes until it reaches the Capital Area city of Panala.


The Fedroad 1 is one of the four freeways in Sedan that has been planned in the first road network planning not long after the foundation of Sedan in 2006. The construction of the freeway also started in the same period along the west shore of the Sedan International Airport‘s peninsula.

1/20 Junction Interchange

Picture of the 1/20 Jct Interchange in 2008.

The currently nicknamed 1/20 Junction Interchange, is a major directional T interchange, also the largest interchange in Sedan, linking the Fedroad 1, the NL20 City Bypass Freeway, indirectly the NL210 Transbay Freeway and the Sedan International Airport.

The interchange is built beyond the Fedroad 1 in the northeastern area of the city and is considered to be one of Sedan's largest builts once completed. Though some ramps of the interchange are currently operational, some are remaining uncomplete and are still waiting for their custom peaces to be designed and installed.

Exit list

City District m # Destinations Notes
Sedan Naya Island 0 Route-2 (small).gif west - Naya Island Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Airport Peninsula NL-110.png west Southbound exit only
Paya NL-210.png west Southbound exit only
NL-20.png west Southbound and northbound exit
North Paya - - North Paya shopping outlet (planned) Southbound only
East Industrial District Sedan International Airport Northbound exit only
East Industrial District Northbound exit only

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