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(unpublished) is a vast collections of detailed descriptions and tales by J. Mica Howarth of the fictional world Fantazya, as seen through the eyes of the character Bach Zhaa. The original story line in its entirety having been conceived of when Mr. Howarth was still in school (1976), has expanded till the present time to include over 700 pages of rough draft, hundreds of drawings, illustrations, definitions, maps covering all facets of Fantazya and the adventures (and mis-adventures)of Bach. Howarth wrote the bulk of the material as an attempt to describe in words as he puts it, ".. a world that is so beautiful that even to see it, doesn't do it justice..." Having written the rough draft in the first 10 years after its inception, Howarth spent the next 10 years drawing Fantazya in story boards trying to more visualize the idea. Then, the idea lay dormant for some time until around June/July 2006, Howarth and his alter ego, Bach Zhaa discovered Active Worlds a 3-D virtual reality environment (world) where land to build on is abundant, and the beauty and scale of the built environment is only limited by the imagination; so on August 1, 2006, Fantazya was born in Active Worlds public building world Alpha. As Howarth points out "...why write about it when I can build it".

Fantazya, (the book), is a science fiction/fantasy novel that is organized in eight chapters called Epocs, or literally lifetimes for Bach Zhaa, the main character. Because Bach is from earth and not from the world of Fantazya, each of the epoc sees him discovering his new world, cataloging things he sees, and being inquisitive in ways unknown to the native peoples, who see no use for his curiosity. As the epoc's unfold, we then see Bach struggling between the friendships of leaders and enemies, spreading inventions that revolutionizes daily life, and cataloging specifically the plant life everywhere he goes, not fully realizing the impact of his actions, but earning him the highest of all civilian distinctions, that of Zhaa. In the final epocs we find Bach, shedding his Zhaa title and becoming BachMar a feared ruler in the anti-world of PyraFantaxya, and going to battle against a friend and the all powerful, CorinMar for the battle of the fate of Fantazya itself.

Fantazya, (the world), is a fantasy creation of Howarth, in order to, "fundamentally seperate good and evil. The notion that they occupy the same space is merely an Earth-bound convention." So on a planet, hundred times the size of earth, with civilizations perched on the tips of scarce land masses overlooking the Abyss, good and evil separated long ago into the regions Fantazya and PyraFantaxya. Fantazya, under the accepted rule of the Queen, is of divine good and beauty, as is its opposite, PyraFantaxya, vile and decrepit. Towns and cities abound, and a rudimentary system of roads and transportation systems serve to connect them.

Epocs in Fantazya

  • Epoc 1 - To See Queen and Country
  • Epoc 2 - To Serve Queen and Country
  • Epoc 3 - Foray's with Corin and Chron
  • Epoc 4 - Corin's Exile
  • Epoc 5 - CorinMar
  • Epoc 6 - BachMar and the Armies of Chron
  • Epoc 7 - In Defence of Corin - Tactics 213
  • Epoc 8 - Homecoming

Characters in order of Appearance

Bach Zhaa - Main character, young man, extremely curious and bright
Anaya the child Queen- Queen of all the lands, a young lady, perhaps 12
Punj'ka - The Queen's escort, young man, either brilliant or stupid, not sure which...
Corin- Bach's best friend, boy of 10, (Later CorinMar, a middle age man)
Chron or just 'Kaan' - also Bach's best friend, 13 foot tall creature, Queen's bodyguard

...some words or phrases may be purely fictitious, appear to be misspelled, or unusual for some other reason, is purely intentional. These are Fantazyan words and add to the flavor of the story.

I have delayed any further additions here because there seems to be a concern that this type of information about an ongoing build in AW, on ActiveWiki is unwanted. I have also delayed deleting it entirely, because I am sure its for things just like this. I chose to wait, but the waiting causes dust and that too is seen as a negative. Yet still I wait.

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