Fairpoint Tower

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Fairpoint Tower
— Iconic Tower —

Fairpoint Tower.jpg

Building of Neophyx City
Location Neophyx, America 179n 210e
Status Completed   Building Completed.png
Builder(s) Nyxboy
General Information
Style/Architecture Clock tower
Purpose Public Sight
Category Monument, Landmark
Groundbreaking May 20th, 2010
Completion May 20th, 2010
Base Size 4 cells (400m3)
Height 70m

The Fairpoint Tower is an iconic building in Neophyx City, America. Its construction took place on May 20th 2010 and is part of the NC9 Project. The tower is located in the new Fairpoint Park. An older office tower bore the name of Fairpoint tower until the construction of the new structure. The new Fairpoint Tower is based on a clock tower architecture and its clock is set to follow Virtual Reality Time.

Fairpoint Tower(right) in Fairpoint Park and the Statue of America(left) on May 21st 2010.

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