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Expressway 3.jpg
N.C. Expressway 3
Expressway 3 September 2009
Part of the
America's Freeway System
Built/maintained By: AMDOT
Other name(s): Westview Expressway
Formed: 2006
Lenght: 470m(47cells)
South end: Interstate 2.jpgTransamerica
Junctions: None
North end: Interstate 1.jpgLiberty Fwy
Expressway 3 Map.jpg
This article is about the freeway network in the world of America

The N.C. Expressway 3, or simply Expressway 3, is an urban parkway of the city of Neophyx, America.

The NC-3 starts from the Victoria Bridge in South Neophyx to end in the sector of Fairpoint along the west shore of the Neophyx Peninsula. The configuration of the road is a hybrid of a freeway, between the Victoria and Liberty Bridge, and a parkway from East Islands Ave to the sector of Fairpoint.

The Expressway 3 was one of the NC6 projects from the 2006 freeway boom of Neophyx.

Map showing Expwy 1 in Neophyx City


The Expressway 3 has the characteristic to have half of its current elevated structure built on 2 levels in order to accomodate the surrounding installations around the Port of Neophyx. Since many of the buildings in the area are directly world's federal properties, including the Westview train station, getting an authorization in order to modify or move these installations can be difficult to obtain. During the planifition of the project in 2005-2006, the BC development firm in charge of the project and the Council of Neophyx submitted a request to get such a permission from the world but failed to obtain it. This request was essentially about getting some rights to make some modifications to make the extra place needed for the project.

Even though challanging, a second configuration planned by BC came out a few weeks later and made the construction of the essential road infrastructures possible. The main change to overlap the south span route structure over the north span side so the infrastructures can pass in the narrow space available between the Eastview Tain Station and the portual Installations of America. As of 2011, like for some other road infrastructures dating from 2006, the elevated structures of the 3 are considered by AM-World Transport to be far below the current standards and that some sections of the Expressway 3 should eventually be rebuilt or upgraded.

NC9's Extension Plan

As part of the NC9 urbanism plan, the expressway 3 has been extended to the North with the addition of an urban highway built on the northern west shore of the Neophyx's peninsula. The extension starts from East Islands Avenue and goes all the way to the Fairpoint District along the shore. This added portion has aproximatly doubled the 3's lenght.

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