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Builder(s) GSK
Languages English
Opening Date N/A

Exodus was a planned series of episodic ride experiences exclusive to the Active Worlds universe. The Exodus experience begins with Volume I, Escape from the Fifth Dimension. Each episode of each volume of the Exodus experience lasts for approximately three months, when the current episode will be closed and the next episode will open.

It was codenamed "Journey to the Fifth Dimension."

In 2013, plans for Exodus were shelved indefinitely.

Volume I: Journey to the Fifth Dimension

Volume I is the first in the Exodus series of rides.

Prequel: Genesis

Welcome to Reed Street Laboratories. We don't have much time, so pay attention. You and the group of individuals you're with were all chosen because of your unique DNA structure. According to our records, all of you have the ability to survive in harsh conditions for a rather long period of time. We're going to put that to the test. Let me give you a little backstory into what's going on. You already know what year it is, but in the event you've forgotten, I'll remind you. It's 2197. RSL was founded in 2158 to research into new technologies and advancements in daily life. Eleven years later, in 2169, we were hired by the AlphaWorld government to produce a solution to a growing energy crisis. It took a long time, but in 2194, we came up with a solution in just the nick of time. This solution involved the use of transdimensional portals. As it turns out, we accidentally discovered the portal technology while working during that long period of time. Miraculously, in all of our tests, they provded 100% functional and reliable. So, following final approval by the government, the portal system was started to be delivered to businesses and residential areas. In order to create these portals, the brilliant mind behind the system, Dr. Piers Anthony, came up with a "Portal Generation Unit", or PGU. The PGU would be deployed approximately two miles apart from each other in residential areas, and about one thousand feet in business areas. Power from the PGU would then be wired into the appropriate areas, be it a home or business. Dr. Anthony subseqently received a Nobel Prize for his efforts.

Episode I: Orientation

However, in 2196, isolated reports began to surface, detailing mysterious disappearances. After a thorough investigation and test results of RSL's underground laboratories, RSL determined that the Portal Generation Unit was responsible. Arrests were attempted on Dr. Anthony, but he had disappeared a couple of months before these events started (despite numerous efforts since then, Dr. Anthony is still unreachable). After several more disappearances, the government ordered an immediate recall of all PGU stations, and invoked an immediate lockdown on Reed Street Laboratories. The government ordered us to use a working PGU to bring back those who were lost to the other dimension that the portals linked to. However, none of the RSL technicians or researchers possessed the genetic trait required for such a journey. With the government's approval (and their desire to end this issue once and for all), we started surveying potential candidates who match the genetic trait to survive in harsh conditions. That's where you come in. Your DNA profile matches what we are looking for. Be advised: there is no turning back. Once you accept this choice, you must finish it. You must bring back those who are lost. Are you up for it?

Episode II: The Fifth Dimension

Coming Soon

Episode III: Brave New World

Coming Soon