Electoral rolls for Palmshire

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The electoral rolls is list of registered voters eligible to vote in general elections for Palmshire House of Commons

Borough of Cypress Hollow & Rockford

Areas included: Cypress Hollow, Rockford, and Deer Creek


  1. The Duke of Cypress Hollow (GC)
  2. The Duke of Rockford (Legion)
  3. The Duchess of Rochester (Nibbles)
  4. The Lord Arcadia (Demon Dog)
  5. The Lord Fairfax (Matthew)
  6. The Lord Highworth (Bluelaser5000)
  7. The Lord Arklay (Hyper Anthony)
  8. The Lord Nottingham (Koll)

Borough of Stirling & Dublin

Areas included: Stirling, Dublin, and Arcadia


  1. The Duke of Stirling (griffinpage)
  2. The Duke of Rockford
  3. The Lord Arcadia
  4. The Lord Nottingham

Borough of Huntington & Metaville

Areas included: Huntington City, Metaville, and Lexington


  1. The Lord Huntington (Arnold NYC)
  2. The Duke of Rockford
  3. The Lord Metaville (Bach Zhaa)
  4. The Duchess of Lexington (Sidris)
  5. Jen2009
  6. The Lord Raleighston (Agent Shawn)
  7. Angel Pikachu
  8. Gen. MetalSonic
  9. The Lord Washington

Borough of Washington & Furriesville

Areas included: Washington and Furriesville


  1. The Lord Washington (Eric John)
  2. The Lord Sherborne (Conqueror)
  3. Woodstar
  4. RyanLennon
  5. The Lord Gravesend (Karate Master)
  6. Hunter
  7. The Duke of Stirling
  8. Zirca

Borough of Woodsville

Areas included: Woodsville and Gate Valley


  1. The Lord Woodsville (The Masked One)
  2. graystripe
  3. The Lord Sherborne
  4. The Lord Peaceville (Buddy.)
  5. reddragon
  6. Lusie