Dr. Squailboont's resignation

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On October 19, 2007, Dr. Squailboont, also known as Tony M, resigned from the position of AWTeen Caretaker. His resignation came less than three months after JerMe's Resignation, which stunned the Activeworlds community. Dr. Squailboont announced the resignation through a forums post.

Text of the announcement

Today's expected change in Hermes will not be occuring as originally stated. As of today:

  • The following services will be offline until further notice: Zeus, PPWbot, Demeter, Hermes.
  • All AWTeen organizations are hereby dissolved until further notice. Relevant PPWs have now been changed.
  • The AWTeen Charter and its government is hereby permanently and entirely dissolved as of today.

AWTeen will now be under the sole authority of the Peacekeepers and AWI.

In other words: We're outta here. Good luck with Flagg.

(P.S. This obviously means that today's scheduled staff meeting is cancelled.)

(P.P.S. GSK, try not to flip your wig.)

(P.P.P.S. The Golden Moose has officially frowned upon AWTeen.)

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