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Terrain editor
  • GPL1.x
  • Closed2.x


First release

December 31, 2002


Always scan downloaded files before attempting to open


Demeter is a terrain-editor which allows citizens of Active Worlds to edit terrain around their buildings in an easier manner than the original terrain interface, even without caretaker rights. Demeter also allows worlds with a registry to control terrain modification so that such modification does not affect others' properties.

Demeter versions 1.x were produced by Brant and Grimble using Visual Basic and the Active Worlds 3.3/3.4 SDK. Dr. Squailboont acquired the Demeter 1.x source code from Brant and translated the code in C++ using the Active Worlds 4.1 SDK, naming the new bot Demeter2, but did not release the source code for this version.


Demeter was initially available only to users in AWTeen, and was released at Generations Day on Thursday, June 29, 2002. In late 2003, Demeter was released to all AW users, but the release of version 4.1 made the old source code obsolete.

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