Dart City

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Dart City
Dart city aerial view.png
Community of Alphaworld

AW 35.4S 1575.8W 0A 0




March 24th, 2005





Dart City is a city community located in Alphaworld at 35S 1575W. It was intended to rival the city of New Peterc Town and City ANDREWS.


The city was called ANDREWS which was first owned by citizen Waterboy. The city is now two years old and is ran by D3V0N (Mayor), and Iceman (Governor). Dart City has remained inactive for the majority of the time since establishment until the Iceman Federation reformed over Stagecoach Island in 2009.

Geography and demographics

The city is built on a square shaped hill. The city staff creates its own lore, which consists of creatures and people native to their lands and foreign ones such as the Nimbusian from SW City.

Most of the eastern parts of Dartian Territory is covered by the "Dartian Desert", the hottest place in Alphaworld with a record temperature of 159 F. The desert is inhabited by Subminians.


  • DimJim (Manager)
  • D3V0N (Mayor)
  • Peterc (Retired)